Disney Warns Moviegoers that Incredibles 2 Could Cause Epileptic Seizures

Disney is warning moviegoers that their new film Incredibles 2 could cause epileptic seizures.

The Pixar movie about a family of superheroes includes several scenes where the villain, Screenslaver, uses a weapon that involves flashing lights. After the long-anticipated movie debuted in theaters on Friday, people went on Twitter to warn people of the possible safety hazard.

“TO ANY FRIENDS WHO HAVE EPILEPSY, SEIZURE DISORDERS OR LIGHT SENSITIVITY: please be careful if you’re seeing the Incredibles 2,” advised one Twitter user. “I unfortunately had an issue and don’t want this happening to anybody else.”

“Just saw Incredibles 2. It was awesome! However, someone in our theater had an epileptic seizure due to some visual effects. Be safe,” added another.

Twitter user Veronica Lewis gave a breakdown of the flashing lights scenes in the movie, and asked Disney to give more warning.

“I am not calling for a boycott of Incredibles 2, or to change the movie. It is very well done, and the strobe lights are an important point in the plot. I just wish Disney/Pixar and theaters alike would issue a warning that the movie contains several scenes with strobe lights,” Lewis tweeted.

The potential health issues prompted the Epilepsy Foundation to release a statement on Saturday, and later that day, people started sharing photos of signs at movie theaters around the country warning of the hazards.

The warning signs, initiated by Disney, read, “Incredibles 2 contains a sequence of flashing lights which may affect customers who are susceptible to photosensitive epilepsy or other photo sensitivities.”

Lewis shared photos of a few of the signs, and praised Disney for listening to their customers.

“I would like to thank @DisneyPixar and @DisneyStudios for listening to people’s concerns and putting up warnings for the flashing lights in #Incredibles2,” she wrote. “It is an INCREDIBLE movie, and people can now make an informed decision either to watch the movie now or wait for the DVD.”

Incredibles 2 broke box-office records in its debut weekend, raking in $180 million. It became the biggest opening ever for an animated movie, and the eighth-highest opening for any movie.

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