5 Things You Are Doing Every Day That Are Making Your Weight Loss Diet USELESS

Losing extra pounds is no easy job. Even if you are super-conscious about doing workouts every day and counting your calories, you may not get the desired results. This is probably because you are making some common mistakes that are making your weight loss diet ineffective.

Most people start thinking at a point that their weight loss diet does not work, which is not entirely true. Here are the five things you are doing every day that could be tampering with your sincere weight loss efforts.

5 Things That You Should Stop Doing Now to Lose Your Weight

You Are Not Having Intercourse Regularly

It’s okay. We all get tired at work and we all get busy, but having intercourse less than normal simply means that you are missing out on a very important cardio session.

As a noted nutritionist and women’s health specialist, Dr. Marilyn Glenville pointed out, having intercourse on a regular basis (or at least twice a week) boosts immune functions. According to Dr. Glenville, Immunoglobulin A is an antibody which helps protect us against common colds and flu.

Those who have intercourse regularly every week had a straight 30% increase in there Immunoglobulin A-level compared to those who don’t have enough time for it. Without good immune function, you become more at risk of falling sick. When you are sick, you are less likely to follow your workout goals, and it might just render your weight loss diet ineffective.

You Are Skipping Your Breakfast (Probably As a Part of Your Weight Loss Diet)

Did you know that skipping your breakfast may raise your diabetes risk? This is because your blood sugar levels go up if you miss out on your breakfast every day. In fact, you are likely to crave sweet foods mid-morning. Jillian Michaels, reality television star, and personal trainer explained in this interview why people who skip breakfast feel so hungry mid-day and often end up overeating.

She echoed the ideas of nutritionist Alix Woods who thinks skipping breakfast is not cool at all. According to Woods, ‘starting the day with a nice breakfast’ can stop you from overeating. What should you have in your breakfast? Nuts, seeds, whole-grain cereal, and nutrient-filled fruits such as mango and blueberries are really good options to include in your weight loss diet.

You Are Repeating the Exercise You Love to Do

Just because you find it easy to do doesn’t mean you should keep doing the same exercise time and time again. In fact, it could do more harm than good.

Shona Wilkinson, head nutritionist at Superfood UK, has been tweeting about this for quite some time now. What happens when you do the same workout over and over? Well, your body just gets used to it and you won’t get the same results anymore. If you add variety, you won’t get bored in the first place and you may just hit the gym more often. Try to do cardio, aerobic, weights, and bits of yoga and pilates as well.

You’re Taking the WRONG Post-Workout Smoothie

While you can find a broad variety of supermarket smoothies that are full of fruits, some also list sugar as a primary ingredient. In fact, most of the off-the-shelf smoothies contain up to 7 grams of sugar, which is almost a third of the recommended daily sugar intake. Instead of picking up a prepackaged smoothie, you can just make one at home.

Here are 10 other seemingly harmless foods that can cause you to gain weight. You’d be surprised to learn that there are some tropical fruits on the list that are best to avoid if you are really serious about following the right weight loss diet.

You Are Addicted to Your Morning Coffee

While a lot of people can’t just start their day without having their morning coffee, the addictive drink may just increase your craving for sweet foods. While caffeine is a natural diuretic and it helps protect your cells, having morning coffee can affect your taste buds. This will make foods taste less sweet and, in turn, lead to sugar cravings.

You may drink coffee when you are at work or taking a short break, but try to say ‘NO’ to your morning coffee.

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