HipDot and Tapatío Reunited for a Día De Los Muertos Makeup Collection

A year after their first collaboration, the makeup brand HipDot is partnering again with hot sauce company Tapatío on a limited-edition collection — this time in ode to Dia de los Muertos, or the Day of the Dead. During the Mexcian holiday, which takes place on November 1 and 2, families welcome back the souls of lost loved ones for reunion and celebration. If you don't observe the holiday yourself, you might recognize the elaborate La Catrina (skull) makeup often worn for Día de los Muertos, making it a wonderful source of inspiration for its own makeup collection. 

Much like the first, this HipDot x Tapatío makeup collection features face, lip, and eye products: an 11-shade eye shadow palette, a beauty sponge, a set of three loose glitter shades, and a set of four liquid lipsticks in miniature hot sauce-shaped bottles. 

The Tapatío x Día De Los Muertos Eye Shadow Palette features six neon matte shades in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and pink shades alongside three packed glitters in green, pink, and orange. At the top of the palette lie two creamy base shades, a white and a black designed for creating skulls. Meanwhile, the three Loose Glitters come in silver, black, and orange hues, and the Liquid Lips are burgundy, true red, bright red-orange, and bright pink. Lastly, the Beauty Sponge is both the color and shape of a lime. 

Here's the catch, though: You can only purchase these items as a bundle in HipDot's Collector's Box, which is limited-edition and could very well sell out as the last one did. The good news is, as I can personally attest from having both of my HipDot x My Chemical Romance collections displayed in my home, that the box is sturdy and pretty enough to serve as decor all on its own. 

That said, if you observe Día de los Muertos and want to get your hands on this celebratory makeup collection, don't think twice about visiting HipDot's website, where the collection is already available for pre-order. And if you don't celebrate the holiday, be sure to brush up on its meaning and traditions before diving into the world of La Catrina makeup. 

The Hipdot x Tapatío Día De Los Muertos Collector's Box retails for $72 and is available for pre-order now at hipdot.com. 

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