Social Media: Your Invitation to Join Us

Are you following Fetch! Pet Care on social media? We’re not only sharing the most delightful dog and cat photos on the web, but we’re also sharing intriguing news and useful pet care information. Our social media team does a great job of engaging with our readers and supporters. We even provide you with regular opportunities to help rescue pets and animal charities through fun games and online contests. If you haven’t tuned into our social media activities before (or in a long while), right now is the perfect time to jump on in. Here’s where you’ll find us:

Google Plus

And here’s a brief rundown of some of the regular engagement activities you’ll enjoy on our social media pages:

Cute Photo Mondays

Just like it sounds, we love to share the cutest photos of pets on our Facebook page each Monday. We’d love to have you come join the fun by submitting a photo of your own or just by commenting on the adorable-ness of the ones we share. Cute Photo Mondays are the perfect way to start your week!

Video Of the Week (VOW)

Each week, we share a mesmerizing video of pets doing the funniest and cutest things right here on our blog. Of course, we wouldn’t dream of keeping the laughs all to ourselves, so we go that extra mile in sharing our VOWs through our social media outlets. Won’t you share in the bliss by watching, commenting and sharing these funny pet videos on your social media sites too?

Fun on Instagram

Sometimes it feels like Instagram was made especially for pets, right? Where else can you find a minute-by-minute dose of adorable dogs, cats and other animals right at your fingertips? Okay, you can do this all over the web…but no one does it like Fetch! Pet Care. So, come enjoy our photos and have a little fun with us as we hold contests and even regram some of YOUR most share-worthy pics too!

Info About Pet Sitting and Dog Walking

Of course, we’ll continue to answer your questions about pet sitting and dog walking right here on our blog and supply all of the useful information that you crave. Each time a new post is ready, we happily share the news on our social media channels. So, be sure that you’re following us so that you can stay up to date on the latest news and information about pet care and the services we provide.

Come Say Hello!

We invite you to come hang out with us — and even join the festivities — as we decorate the web with fuzzy photos and pawsome videos. Please check in often and don’t be shy about participating in any of our fun-filled social media events…or just say hello whenever you stop by. If you have any special pet-related events and activities you’d like us to promote on social media, we hope that you’ll let us know.

Let’s Do Social Media For the Pets

What have you got going on on social media right now? Please take this opportunity to share your special activities and tell our readers where they can find you. Teamwork makes the dream work and we’re all united in making sure that pets live their happiest and best lives possible. So, let’s meet on social media around this goal and help pet-related news, information, games, awareness and various activities spread like wildfire!

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