Sam Armytage’s Message For Women After Breast Cancer Scare

This week is Health Week on Sunrise with each of the hosts undergoing tests for the most common killers in Australia. Co-host, Samantha Armytage, had a scary couple of days after going in for her first mammogram to check for breast cancer and receiving a callback to do further testing.

“I got a call back to say that there was an area of concern on my right breast. Immediately I thought the worst, as you tend to do. I had to do two more mammograms and an ultrasound to look closer at the peck muscle behind my right breast. It was a very scary day. The test took 5 hours. I did not know what the doctors would find,” she said on Channel 7 Sunrise this morning.

“Thankfully I was given the all clear. I now have to return every year for a mammogram to keep an eye on that area,” she said.

A blessing in disguise, Sam now urges other women to get a check-up earlier than they might think.    

“It’s been quite a week,” she said on Sunrise. “But that’s good because it’s made me aware and the number one thing I’ve found out this week was that every doctor I saw, and I’ve seen a few said to me, I don’t know why they’re telling women to come in at 50. You girls should be coming in at 40.”

1 in 9 Australian women will get breast cancer and of those diagnosed, 50% are diagnosed with screening mammograms while the other 50% will feel a lump.

Organise your own screening today with BreastScreen Australia. The government initiative invites women aged 50-74 for a free mammogram every two years.

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