Drink This 60 Minutes Before Your Next Workout To Absolutely Crush It

You’re probably used to using coffee to fuel your morning meetings—and we’re not sorry about it, either. But according to new research, you should be using your go-to cup of cold brew to power through your gym sessions, too. 

In a review of nine controlled trials, researchers decided to examine whether or not coffee acts as an exercise booster. Athletes have long been using caffeine to power their performances, but until now, the evidence for using coffee over energy drinks or caffeine pills has been a little murky.

After reviewing all the evidence, the researchers concluded that downing a cup of java 60 minutes before running or cycling seriously improved performance. In five of the nine studies, the researchers found that coffee increased the athletes’ endurance by as much as 25 percent. Wowza!

In three of the nine studies, they also found that drinking a pre-gym latte helped to significantly reduce the participants’ feelings of exertion while they were working out—something we could all benefit from during those early morning gym sessions.

In short, stopping for a coffee on your way to a 7 a.m. spin class is totally warranted, so go ahead and #treatyoself. 

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