This What Fitness “Looks Like” In Each Country

Grains of salt at the ready – a social experiment has revealed what a fit “looks like” around the world.

Fitrated asked designers from 15 different countries to alter an image of a 28-year-old woman (who runs 48 kilometres a week and plays ice hockey and softball) to reflect their nation’s perception of “fit”.

With a new focus on fitness and the bodies that come with it, we were interested to see what the ideal female fit body looked like in various countries,” Fitrated said.

And the results are certainly interesting.

In Chile it appears you’ll need a well-defined six-pack to be considered in shape while Argentina and Italy see thigh-gaps as an indication of athletic ability. Places like Mexico and Peru are a little more open-minded, with the model altered to have a curvier shape. And the bigger butt “trend” isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, most of the countries added definition and volume to the model’s rear end.

Artists from all 15 countries took in the waist of the model and “tightened” her abdomen, while China thinned out every part of her body. In Ukraine you clearly need pants to look fit.

Obviously Australia didn’t make the list but hey, let’s take that as an indication that for us it’s not about looking fit, it’s about feeling fit and the definition of that is different for every single person.

*mic drop*

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