Strength training-Tutorial: The three best Exercises for the triceps

The triceps represents the counterpart to the biceps and would like to, of course, are also regularly trained and strengthened.

This is not only for a uniform distribution of force in the body is important, but can also support the Training of other parts of the body such as the chest workout,.

Better chest workout by strong triceps

Sports scientist and Personal Trainer, Nima Mashagh shows you in the Video, three different Exercises, which you can use your rear upper arms strengthen and tone.

Especially good for beginners: You only need a Pair of dumbbells and an adjustable weight bench to get started.

Ideally you will perform three Exercises for three sets of eight to twelve repetitions and tie them into a longer Workout.

To train the triceps perfectly, should target the other Exercises in the Workouts on the muscles of the chest, because the triceps will be triggered.

Your muscles should be tired, but you can also, of course, Exercises for the biceps or the upper back can be installed.

1. Triceps Stretch

Sit down for the first Exercise in an upright position on a Bank. Take in each Hand a dumbbell and stretch it straight above your head – your elbows should now be to the side of your head.

Sink from this Position is controlled slowly the dumbbells back down behind your head until the Weights touch the back of your neck – there, you can sell the dumbbells for a brief Moment.

From this posture you stretch out your arms and finally back to the top, where you push the Weights with the power of your triceps to the top.

Important: The elbows should be fixed during the whole Exercise, and try not to move. Your wrists remain straight and not bend away.

2. French Press

This Exercise not only appeals to the triceps muscles are also targeted some of the muscle strands in the chest. Grab a dumbbell, lie down with your upper back on the bench and stabilizing your Position with raised legs.

Hold the barbell in front of your chest straight up and lowering the weight, then checked behind your head.

Your elbows bend as far as possible, in order to achieve the triceps to the greatest possible radius of Movement.

When you press the weight, you can work a little faster than when you let Down. However, it is important that you have any control over your movements.

Caution: Pull the shoulder blades to the back and place it firmly in the Bank. This relieves the shoulders.

3. Triceps-Kickbacks

For the next Exercise is the dumbbell bench is required, however, in a slightly prepared angle. You prone on the Bank, in each Hand a dumbbell.

Lifting for the starting position of the Exercise your elbows up until your upper arms are parallel to the floor.

Here it is: shoulder-blades to the rear of the lock and the chest to stretch out.

The movement itself will only be performed with the power of the triceps: straighten the arms completely to the rear until you form a Straight. The weight of the sink, then checked again.

Cornelia Bertram

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