Hate Working Out? Try Matching Your Workout To Your Personality

Do you battle with commitment issues when it comes to your workout? It turns out it’s entirely your fault… kind of. 

A recent study by the British Psychological Society is suggesting that different workouts are suited to different personality types. Or as the saying goes, “it’s not you, it’s me”.

According to the research, how you react to your training may depend on your character traits, with certain characteristics lending themselves to specific workout programs.

The researchers, lead by John Hackston, studied more than 800 business men and women across a variety of industries and countries in an effort to determine how their companies could boost their development through fitness. However, their findings related more to the study participants rather than the businesses. “Matching an individual’s personality type to a particular type of exercise can increase both the effectiveness and the person’s enjoyment of it,” said Hackston.

Based on their findings, the scientists made the following workout recommendations, suggesting the ideal training styles to reduce exercise attrition.

Extrovert – More likely to adhere to exercising at the gym
Objective – Regimented and strict exercise program
Emotional – Varied programs with less structure
Creative – Outdoor cardio based activities such as cycling, swimming and jogging

“The most important piece of advice to come out of this research is that there is not one type of exercise that is suited to everyone,” Hackston said while summarising his findings.

“There can be pressure to follow the crowd to the gym or sign up to the latest exercise fad, but it would be much more effective for them to match their personality type to an exercise plan that is more likely to last the test of time.”

This article originally appeared on Men’s Health.

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