This Fitness Blogger’s Before-And-After Pics Are Proof You Should Be Eating Carbs

Wanna lose fat, build muscle and see serious results in the gym? Eat more carbohydrates.

That’s the advice of ripped Fitness blogger and Instagram star Hayley Madigan.

Speaking with the Daily Mail, the 27-year-old said she had always kept away from the food group thinking it was “the devil.” But after her intense daily workouts failed to transform her body, she decided to incorporate slow release carbs (like quinoa, wholegrain bread and oats) into her diet.

Transformation Tuesday ?? These pictures may not look too different for some of you but for me it shows a complete and utter transformation of my arm muscles ☺️ Going from a teeny tiny so called 'twig' girl (Aged 18) to a strong, fit and happy Bikini Athlete (aged 26) My weight is up probably by about 1 and a half stone – even though I don't judge my progress on weight it's still a useful tool – and this is years of hard work, dedication and building muscle through natural means only ??? Of course I could take a course of steroids and get hench in a few weeks but I'm all about that natty life and am to build muscle in the best healthy way through natural means. Building muscle doesn't have to take years, but you must stay consistent with training and nutrition EVERY DAY if you want to achieve results quickly – I started lifting weights at the age of 14 (surprisingly I lifted weights 2 x a week in the left hand picture) but I didn't eat correctly, I didn't know how to fuel my body, I ate hardly any protein (I only eat fish as was brought up vegetarian which made it even harder) and I lived on rubbish junk food. Fast forward to this day and I've been competing for the last 18 months, I have seen such a huge change in my body by following a completely new diet and my results have come by consistency, determination and education ✌?️ Don't get disheartened if you don't see results straight away, keep at it and your body will reward you with the results you deserve ? Drop me an email if you're struggling with reaching your goals, from nutrition and food plans to workout programmes I can help ? #fitfam #transformationtuesday #transformation #muscles #strong #girlgains #girlswithmuscle #girlswholift #iifym #eatclean #instafit #nutrition #coaching #personaltraining #onlinecoach #fitness #fitspo #gains #bodybuilding #natty #ukdfba #wnbf #wnbfpro #bikinicompetitor #strongnotskinny #buildingmuscle #health #healthy #ukfitfam #weightlifting

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“I was always scared to eat carbs so I left them out until the weekend and usually have a cheat day on Sunday and binged on a lot of bad foods,” she said.

“I enjoy all carbs now and know I need them to fuel my training as well as stay lean and healthy.”

Hayley also upped her intake of good fats such as nut butters dark chocolate, avocado and salmon, as well as protein rich foods (fish, egg whites, cheese and yoghurt.)

2 Years of hard work and these results are mainly down to nutrition! ??????. . I always Weight trained from a young age but never worried about what I ate and practically lived on crisps and chocolate bars for years ??? and being a pescatarian from birth I never ate enough protein for my goals ?. . I never fuelled my body for building muscle until 2 years ago and it's only since I began to really care about my own nutrition that I saw real results ☺??. . Diet is a HUGE part of succeeding and whether or not you care about the foods you eat you need to realise that your body won't change unless your diet is ?? Spending my life now creating Flexible Food Plans for my clients and teaching people what to eat and why is something that I am so passionate about because I know exactly why is works and I can clearly see the results first hand ?? DM or Email me for more info on what I recommend ? . . Happy Transformation Tuesday ? #fitfam #fitness #fitspo #transformationtuesday #transformation #instafit #muscles #strong #strongnotskinny #flex #flexing #girlgains #girlswholift #girlswithmuscle #gainingweightiscool #pescatarian #weightlifting #bodybuilding #positivity #bodypositive #diet #foodie #iifym #protein #carbs #bodytransformation #instafit #instagood #portsmouth #nutrition #health

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“Diet has been key to me achieving my results,” she explained. “Regardless of how hard you train – and especially as a woman – you can’t out train a bad diet.”

In addition, Hayley credits her new-found strength for her healthy mindset and positive outlook on life.

Transformation Tuesday dedicated today to my own transformation this year, I have NEVER shared a starting prep or 'off season' picture with you guys before but I wanted to show you that we ALL start somewhere and we ALL have insecurities ??. . The left hand picture was after my short but sweet 3 month 'bulk' in my aim to build my legs and booty ?? However when I first took this picture I was ashamed with the amount of fat I had put on too (but hey it was Christmas and I enjoyed myself ?) the right hand picture was just 10 weeks later after a strict bikini prep where I managed to keep all of my muscle and shred those fat cells down ?? . . There's a 6kg weight difference here, that's 13.2lbs, meaning an average of 1.32lbs per week which is ideal when it comes to fat loss ?? 1lb of fat is the equivalent to a whopping 3,000 calorie deficit! ? So technically over 10 weeks I managed to create a 39,600 calorie deficit ??? Sounds ridiculous right? But in so many words it's true ???. . The right hand picture is NOT sustainable for me ?? The left hand picture is me in a calorie surplus EVERYDAY! Neither of these body shapes are my ideal shape and I am now pretty much in between this which is where I am happy to be, enjoying life, enjoying training and feeling and looking my most confident ? Happy Tuesday Insta Peeps ? . . #fitfam #fitness #transformationtuesday #gymlove #transformation #gym #gains #muscles #girlgains #progress #progresspic #trainhard #hiit #cardio #weightlifting #bodybuildingmotivation #bodypositive #bodybuilding #strong #girlswholift #girlswithmuscle #bootybuilding #inspo #instagood #instafit #exercise #weightloss #bodytransformation

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“When I am in the gym lifting weights, it makes me feel empowered and full of self-esteem and I want other ladies to know how confident being strong can make you feel,” she said. 

“I feel unstoppable when I am in the gym leg pressing 270kgs because I know how amazing it is for my body to be doing such a strong weight and how determined I am to lift such an amount, especially as a petite woman.”

Leg Day Hump Day with my booty sister @laurenallenfitness ?????. . Short snippet of what we got up to this morning @fratton_gym ☝?. . Workout ??. . 4 x Sets of Squats for 5-8 reps. . 3 x Sets of Front Squats x 15 reps supersetted with RDL's x 15 reps. . 3 x Sets of Reverse Lunges x 20 (10 per leg) (Not shown in video) supersetted with Bulgarian Spilt Squats x 24 reps (12 per leg). . 3 x Sets of Glute Thrusts x 10 reps supersetted with Bench Frog Legs x 10-12 reps. . Then pass out, roll on the floor and eat fifteen protein bars ?? #health ???‍♀️. . Give it a try and let us know how you get on! ????? Happy Hump Day Insta Peeps ? #fitfam #fitness #humpday #happyhumpday #motivation #workout #workoutvideo #exercise #legday #glutes #bootyfordays #bootyworkout #bootybuilding #bodybuildingmotivation #bodybuilding #bikini #bikinicompetitor #prepcoach #personaltrainer #portsmouth #trainhard #girlgains #girlswholift #instagood #instafit #gym #gymlove #partnerworkout

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And while she’s currently at her heaviest on the scales, she’s never felt more comfortable in her skin.

“I believe that building strength and being strong makes you feel confident and even stronger on the inside as well as the outside,” she added.

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