Brandi Chastain's Hall Of Fame Plaque Looks So Ridiculous You Won’t Even Believe It

Getting inducted into a hall of fame is obviously a BFD and a total honor. No doubt soccer star Brandi Chastain felt that way about getting inducted into the Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame—until she actually saw her plaque.

Just to give you a visual, here’s Brandi standing next to it…

Brandi Chastain reacts to her new San Francisco Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame plaque – San Francisco Video

Apparently the sculptor who made this was accidentally handed a picture of an aging Austin Powers to copy, because no one could be that bad while actually trying.

While she was probably tempted to melt the damn thing on the spot, Brandi was pretty sweet about the plaque. “It’s not the most flattering,” she said at the reception honoring her, per ABC 6. “But it’s nice.”

People were a little more blunt on Twitter:

I don’t know about Brandi Chastain, but they nailed Mickey Rooney.

They made Brandi Chastain look like Ms. Doubtfire.

Poor Brandi Chastain. That looks like a stoned Jimmy Carter.

Ummm, that looks like Jon Voight ?? What in the actual hell?! They should be ashamed of this. Poor #BrandiChastain … one of the most iconic female athletes ever and this is how they honor her ?

Brandi Chastain is one of the most beautiful athletes I’ve ever covered. How this became her plaque is a freaking embarrassment for BASHOF. Makes Cristiano’s look perfect.

Seriously, it looks like Brandi’s sculptor checked out Cristiano Rinaldo’s Quasimodo-like sculpture and was all like, “hold my chisel.”

This sculpture of Cristiano Ronaldo is a great representation of how you look when you accidentally open the selfie camera on your phone

We’d like to think people aren’t actually trying to make these athletes look bad. Maybe it’s just really, really hard to capture someone in bronze?

Clearly Brandi deserves better and apparently everyone else thinks so, too. The hall of fame has reportedly agreed to redo the plaque. Fingers crossed it makes her feel a little more like this:

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