Two Major Chicken Producers Commit to Better Welfare

We are proud to have worked with Mary’s Free Range Chicken and Naked Truth Chicken to develop these companies’ recent commitments to raising healthier breeds of chickens in more humane conditions in line with the ASPCA-supported Better Chicken Commitment.

The Better Chicken Commitment is a set of standards at the heart of a global campaign to improve the welfare of billions of chickens raised for meat. It calls for improved living conditions, healthier breeds and more humane slaughter practices. These commitments are timely, as a recent study revealed that the most commonly used “broiler” (meat) chicken breed—the Cornish Cross—suffers due to their ultra-fast growth. The study shows that the chicken industry’s persistent genetic preference for birds who grow bigger, faster and with disproportionate emphasis on breast meat has led to painful skeletal problems, lameness, skin sores and respiratory issues.

The ASPCA’s Shop With Your Heart program already recognizes Mary’s Free Range Chicken and Naked Truth Chicken for being certified by the meaningful animal welfare auditing program Global Animal Partnership, and we are thrilled they are taking this next step in advancing animal care. By signing up for the Better Chicken Commitment, Mary’s Free Range Chicken and Naked Truth Chicken are showing a growing number of discerning shoppers and businesses that they are serious about ensuring chickens’ welfare. Other major chicken producers should follow the lead of Mary’s and Naked Truth by making the Better Chicken Commitment to improve welfare standards for the animals in their supply chain.

If you’re interested in how you can help fight for better living conditions for all farm animals through your purchases, review our label guide, list of welfare-certified meat, dairy, and egg brands and our list of plant-based alternatives. If you represent a business that is interested in making the Better Chicken Commitment, please reach out to [email protected].

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