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Spring is in full swing and summer is just around the corner. While you enjoy these sunny days with your family (Fido + Whiskers included), try your hand at a few of these creative ideas that not only keep your pet cool, but also entertained.

The Doggie Ice Lick: Keep your canine friends cool this summer by making an ice lick that will peak your dog’s interest by freezing chew toys inside a bucket filled with a mix of water and chicken broth. You can make the ice lick by simply adding a mixture of water and one can of chicken broth.  The mix will make it taste better and the salt will help keep Fido hydrated. The chew toys will give him or her another point of interest — especially if you add a carrot or two.

The Kitty Snug Retreat: This is a place where your cat can retreat for relaxation and to feel safe.  It is easy to make! Simply place a cardboard box on its side and put it somewhere that is quiet and out of the way, such as in a closet, behind a chair, or near a cool spot in the house.  Line it with a terry towel or other cotton, breathable natural fabric that is not too warm.  Stick an ice pack inside a t-shirt and place it into the snug retreat underneath the towel for added cooling effect.  Another good idea is to place towels or sheets over the spots the cat usually likes to sit, to create a cool barrier between their fur and the normally warmer surfaces.  A hot water bottle can be filled with cool or cold water and left out for Whiskers to lie on.

Invest in a Kiddie Pool: I find so much joy in watching my two dogs make a splash in their kiddie pool.  Leave it filled with water so they can take a dip at their leisure.  You can find inexpensive kiddie pools at practically any big-box store, however, if you have a large breed dog, I would recommend a shallow Rubbermaid stock tank like this. Trust me, as I learned the hard way yesterday when my Shepherd puppy figured out how to tug the inexpensive kiddie pool into the house!

DIY Frozen Treats!Your pup will love you a million times more once he gets his paws on this yummy snack!  This quick and easy recipe is also cat-friendly — you’ll need only 6 items: an ice cube tray, one can of tuna, some water, a mixing bowl, a blender, and a Ziploc bag.

Start by mashing the tuna in a bowl.  Do not drain the water.  Add about ½ cup of water into the mix.  Blend you mixture, and place it in a Ziploc Bag. Cut a small hole in the bottom of the Ziploc Bag, and squeeze the mixture into the ice cube trays. Freeze and serve!

To make these treats even extra special – try a fabulous ice cube tray like this silicone paw print tray!

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