Here Stevie Is—Signed, Sealed, Delivered, He’s Yours!

Meet Stevie, our one-of-a-kind cat who is looking for a special adopter in the Los Angeles area! He has bilateral anophthalmia, a birth defect in which a cat is born without eyes. But being blind does not slow down Stevie one bit!

Stevie is a social butterfly and a constant purr machine. He quickly adapts to new settings and loves meeting new people. Stevie learns the layout of a room with ease and confidently finds his way around a home. He runs to the door when anyone comes home and greets you with the softest meow!

Nothing stops Stevie from being his sweet and cuddly self! He makes cute little chirps when he’s playing and running around, or if he knows it’s mealtime. His favorite toys are anything that makes a sound. The second he hears a toy, he finds it and plays non-stop! He becomes a skilled soccer player and runs around for hours tossing and batting toy balls.

Potential adopters should know that during his time in foster care, Stevie experienced seizure-like activity and has been placed on an anti-seizure medication. This medication seems to help reduce the seizure activity but is not expected to cure it. Some basic blood tests have shown no significant problems, so he will likely need to remain on this medication until a veterinarian deems it appropriate to stop. Our Adoption Team would be happy to provide more information on Stevie’s medical condition and future care.

Stevie gets along great with his foster’s resident cat and would love to be adopted into a home with another friendly cat to keep him company. He is a little hesitant when meeting dogs but warms up quickly and would do well with a slow introduction to a cat-friendly dog.

Most importantly, Stevie would thrive in a home with someone who can give him lots of snuggle time, and provide safe, open areas for him to run around and explore. As a blind cat, Stevie will often bump into furniture or walls while he’s adjusting to a new home. He has shown no interest in a cat scratching post, so he will need help trimming his nails. We also recommend a high-sided litterbox to help him not kick litter around. And although he enjoys perching in high places, sweet Stevie may get stuck at times and will need help getting down. While Stevie does have some unique needs, we hope that his adopters can stay aware of them and shower him with the love he deserves!

If you live in the L.A. area and you think Stevie might be the sunshine of your life, please check out his profile to complete an application!

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