Happy Henry Is Sure to Stick By Your Side

He’s Henry the cat, he is, he is! Henry can be a shy guy at first but will warm up to you quickly, especially if you have his favorite yummy treats to win him over!

Henry loves belly rubs, and his cute pink nose and sweet personality make him irresistible. He enjoys his morning zoomies around the house, then gets down to business playing with catnip-filled toys. Watching him chase after furry balls and pounce on wand toys is quite an entertaining sight! But once it’s nighttime, he is sure to be your constant companion and lull you to sleep with his purrs.

Henry was raised in a foster home with his brother. They love to play and wrestle, then nap together after tiring themselves out. Henry would love to be adopted into a home with another young and playful cat to keep him company.

If Henry sounds like the fun kitty you need in your life, and you live in the Los Angeles area, please check out his profile to complete an application!

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