Columbia Is a Book Smart Cat Looking to Continue Her Education in a New Home!

Ready to fraternize with a scholarly feline in the tri-state area? Columbia is ready to pledge to your home!

Columbia is a sweet and social gal in an “ivy league” of her own! She is a wise soul with a knack for exploring and giving headbutts to her favorite people. She’s also a huge fan of wand toys and will happily chase any feathers or small mice on a string all day long.

Columbia can sometimes be uncomfortable with excessive handling or attention. She would benefit from a patient adopter willing to let her stroll around the campus on her own terms. She’s more than happy to approach you when she’s feeling ready for a relaxed study session or couch hang out.

Columbia has previously lived with other cats but is working on enjoying their company. Also, children may be new to Columbia. A Matchmaker can help you decide if she is a good fit for your family. Our staff will also be able to provide you with information about Columbia’s medical needs and help you set her up for success in your home!

If you’d like graduate with honors in Cat Parenthood, and you live in the tri-state area, check out Columbia’s profile to submit an application!

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