10 Reasons to Hire a Pet Sitter This Summer

Summer is in full swing, and it’s time to make sure you and your family is getting the most of it. With vacations to plan and exercise routines to maintain there are lots of reasons to hire a pet sitter over the summer.

Spend Time With the Family

Probably the most obvious reason to hire a pet sitter is to give the rest of the family some time. Pets are great members of the family, but sometimes you need to take time off and make sure everyone is feeling the love. With school being out a pet sitter will free up your schedule to make the most of your time with the kids.

Take a Vacation

There are lots of amazing places to see and experience, but not all of them allow pets. Even if a pet is allowed, it can be stressful and dangerous for animals to travel. A pet sitter can make sure your pet is taken care of while you take some time to go on adventures.

Maintain a Pet’s Routine

It can be hard to keep an animal on an exercise routine or specialized diet. Sometimes just giving yourself a break can help you to relax, refocus or even sleep in. One of the best reasons to try out a pet sitter.

Maintain Relationships

A pet sitter can take the pressure off of asking friends and family to watch the pets while you are gone. It saves you an awkward conversation and saves them any potential embarrassment. Also, if they don’t know a lot about pets it can be stressful for everyone, pet included.

You Know Your Pet is in Safe Hands

A professional pet sitter knows what they are doing. They watch our little buddies for a living. A professional pet sitter will always have your pet’s best interests at heart so you can relax.

It’s Healthier

Not only will a professional pet sitter make sure your pet is following their routines they also can keep an eye on their health. A pet sitter will keep your pet away from strange animals, and you don’t have the stress from leaving them in a kennel.

It Is Good for Your Pet’s Mood

Your pets will miss you too, but a pet sitter will take time to play with them and make them feel loved even with you away.

A Safe Bed

Your pet will be able to stay at home in their bed while you are gone. Your pet will miss you soon enough, but at least they will have their toys and bed for comfort.


Summers are not always all fun and games. Sometimes responsibilities will keep you away more than you’d like. Pet sitters can significantly help by walking and playing with your pets to let you have more time.

It Is Easy

Maybe the best reason to hire a pet sitter it that it is just so accessible and useful. Going back is hard! You just set up a schedule, and that’s it. No karting pets around. No hassling over who knows what about this or that pet. Just give them a schedule and head out, easy as that!

These are just ten reasons to hire a pet sitter, but there are countless more. The biggest problem with pet sitting is realizing how long you have gone without it! Visit FetchPetCare.com and type in your zip code to book a sitter today!

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