What is dental equipment?

Without any dental equipment, most of the oral health and hygiene industry would not be able to function. Dental equipment plays a key role in everything from the diagnosis to the treatment of a damaged tooth.

To properly tend to its customers, a dental clinic must have proper dental equipment as this is what will be used to treat various ailments like tooth decay, plaque buildup and more. Moreover, ensuring the equipment is of good quality will lead to the best possible result.

What’s the basic dental equipment needed?

  • Mouth mirror: Essential in order to explore a patients mouth and inspect cavities, the size of this tool makes it extremely versatile, it’s a must in all dental examination trays.
  • Dental explorer: Existing in several styles, this long and thin instrument is usually used by the dentist to “explore” or rather investigate your mouth as well as the space between your teeth, cavities and more.
  • Marium Tweezers: Useful for a multitude of tasks such as separating, holding together or suturing tissue, along with carrying small objects such as cotton balls in and out of the oral cavity, the use of this tool is understated.
  • Dental Pliers: Thought as one of the scariest tools by many, dental pliers are used in dentistry for a wide array of reasons. With a range of pliers available they overall serve to cut materials like plaster, wires, rods and more.

Don’t Forget Rotary Instruments & Small Equipment

Tools that allow for rotation such as drills are typically placed at the end of a pipe of some sort and ordinarily be switched out depending on the type of connection and equipment needed. With a range of them available on the market some are primordial.

  • Dental Turbine: Driven principally by air compression, this is the perfect tool for tasks that require strength like removing tissues such as enamel or even denture material.
  • Dental Micromotors: Suited for the treatment of semi hard dental tissue, different instruments can go hand in hand with this variable connection system.
  • Dental handpiece systems: Mainly used for dental prosthetics, this is usually attached to the micromotor.
  • Dental Contra Angle Handpiece: Sporting a slower speed than most other drills, this handpiece has a range of uses such as removing cavities, removing filing, preparing crown, restoring and polishing dental surfaces etc.

Must Haves for dental clinics

Reliable clinics will want to add at least two pieces of equipment to their arsenal, autoclaves and x-rays.

An autoclave will be used for the cleaning and sterilization process of dental equipment while x-rays are commonly used for radiographic examinations.

Final Elements to Keep in Mind

This dental equipment is what most basic professional oral hygiene infrastructures will have, without mentioning furniture such as a dental unit or chair, dental composites, gloves, dental burs and more that will all add value to your practice, while creating a more comfortable environment for your patients.