This Calendar Will Tell You EXACTLY When You’re Going To Breakout

All women are across the PMS pimple explosion but did you know that the rest of your cycle can affect the state of your skin?

Skin expert Dr Terry Loon says that at the start of your cycle your skin is likely to be more dry and flaky, before it hits peak glow during ovulation and descends into the dreaded grease pit that is your period-period.

She’s created a handy monthly ‘skin cycle’ calendar, can be found in Beauty Book by the natural beauty experts at Neal’s Yard Remedies, so you can stay on top of these changes and adjust your skincare accordingly.

“The Skin Cycle is all about being in tune with your body and can help minimise break outs, sensitivity and dryness and maximise skin repair,” she told Cosmo.

She also has some suggestions on how to handle each stage.

When your skin is dry opt for a vitamin C serum and hydrating mask to up the moisture. During the normal period start upping your exfoliation to one to two times per week. And finally, when you start break out during the spotty stage, double-cleanse at night with a salicylic acid based product and add a clay mask into your routine to combat impurities. 

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