The Skincare Advice Laura Dundovic Wishes She’d Been Told 10 Years Ago

Model, presenter and Natural Instinct Ambassador Laura Dundovic gave us the scoop on the five pieces of skin care advice she wishes she’d been told 10 years ago. Listen up, take notes.


1. Always take your make-up off

“I can’t stress enough how important it is to remove your make-up before you go to sleep. It’s frightening how much dirt, oil and grime can build up under make-up. Your skin needs to breathe, quite literally – it needs oxygen. A dermatologist told me not removing make-up actually ages your skin, so ever since I’ve made a real effort – no matter how tired I am. I use cleansing wipes to actually remove the make-up, and then follow with Natural Instinct Refreshing Foaming Cleanser. Then I’ll finish with Natural Instinct Restoring Night Cream and a few drops of their Rejuvenating Rose Hip Oil. All their products are made from truly natural ingredients so you can be sure they’re gentle, which is so important to me.”

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2. Wear sunscreen. Every. Single. Day

“I never leave the house without SPF 30 on, sun exposure is the biggest skin ager and it’s just not worth risking damage. I use the Natural Instinct Invisible Sunscreen if I have an event to go to, it’s light enough to wear under make-up without making me feel caked. If I have a low-maintenance day, I’ll use the Tinted one instead. It evens out skin tone but makes it look like you’ve gone totally au natural.”

3. Your skin needs as much looking after from the inside as from the outside 

“You can spend so much time and money on skincare products that promise to make you look younger, brighter or healthier – but if you’re not eating well, drinking enough water and getting exercise there’s only so much they can do. Good skin requires a holistic approach, and that means getting your veggies and H20 too!


4.Think outside the box for skincare

“I’m a big believer in alternative methods of healthcare. I love Chinese herbs and moxa sticks. My favourite treatment is actually acupuncture, I think it’s hugely underrated and is so effective at a whole range of health issues. It really helped with my chronic fatigue, but it’s also amazing at rejuvenating skin. I’d recommend everyone tries it at least once!”

5. You don’t always need to pay to go to a salon for skin treatments to get good skin

“While there are definitely some treatments that should be left to the professionals, it doesn’t always have to be up to them! Making sure you take care of your skin, cleansing, moisturising, treating it with ingredients that are gentle and soothing will in my experience help your skin more in the long run than constantly paying to go to salons each week or month. Although I do love to treat myself to a relaxing facial once in a while!”

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