'The One Product I Swear By To Feel Energized Every Day'

My job as a food and health publicist takes me around the world—and the biggest challenge on the road is trying to keep my diet consistent. (It’s really easy to rely on fast food while traveling…and then feel weighed down by heavy, greasy meals.)

Also: I like to feel good when I travel (who doesn’t?), so I need things that are not only super-convenient and tasty, but healthy too. So when a friend told me about Garden of Life’s Organic Vegan Protein Powder, a meal-replacement shake that’s chock full of protein, vitamins, and even probiotics, I knew I had to try it.

My first experience with it was last year, when I went on a trip to Africa. I brought it with me (it comes in individual packets, so I don’t have to lug a huge bottle of it around with me) and it was a lifesaver. I was immediately hooked.

First, it’s totally low-maintenance (a.k.a., you don’t need to add it to a complicated smoothie). I usually just throw a packet (or scoop or two—I keep a big container of it at home) into some water, shake it up, and drink it as-is. Another tip: When I don’t feel like drinking a full shake, I pour a little bit of water into the packet itself, knead it around, and eat it that way (it’s surprisingly good—trust me).

Each packet is 110 calories and has 22 grams of protein from pea protein and raw sprouts. Basically, it’s super-filling and nutritious, making it great for travel. (Though I eat it at home, too.) It also has zero grams of sugar.

What’s different about this protein powder in particular is that it also has probiotics. Personally, if I don’t take a probiotic for a few days (at home I take a probiotic pill with my vitamins)—especially when eating new food traveling—my stomach gets very angry with me.

I also like to use it as a drink to refuel post-exercise. I’ll bring a heaping scoop in a water bottle with me to the gym, then fill up that water bottle and drink it down after my workout.

It’s just an easy way for me to keep my energy up after working hard or staying healthy while I’m traveling, as well as making sure I’m doing everything I can for my gut (and myself).

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