The Internet Is Divided Over This Fitness Company’s ‘Fat-Shaming’ Advertisement

A storm has erupted on social media over the content and location of a fitness company’s advertisement.

The bright yellow and black poster – which was hung outside a primary school – featured a larger female figure and an arrow pointing to a slimmer silhouette with the message “CAUTION: Skinnypigs will make you look better naked.”

A local mum took to Twitter to slam the advertisement, “What element of totally inappropriate shall we say about this SkinnypigsUK? Put up outside a school?! Come on!!”

And plenty of others agreed calling it “fat-shaming”, “inappropriate” and “purporting outdated and dangerous gender stereotypes.”

But the Skinnypigs’ owner, Jonathan Hair, has hit back at the criticism.

“You don’t even realise that modern feminism is so polluted with self loathing, man hating looms,” he replied to one comment. “We have equality now, it’s a good thing. While we are giving advice, stop being a feminazi, you are in the wrong side of history. You’ll see when you’re all growed up.”

He told another critic: “Just another whiny feminazi who will end up bitter and alone with house full of cats (but thinks she can change the world by complaining).”

The program’s supporters also jumped into the furore, Tweeting in defence of Skinnypigs and sharing their success stories.

Wherever you stand on this one, we can all agree the company could do with a lesson in PR.

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