Teenager use a DRAWING PIN to burst a huge cyst on his chin

‘This is the best moment of my life’: Gruesome video shows a teenager use a DRAWING PIN to burst a huge cyst on his chin – splattering the bathroom mirror with pus

  • WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT. An 18-year-old man bursts a cyst on his chin 
  • Jacob Fieldhouse, from Caldicot in South Wales, was filmed by his mother
  • He burst a cyst on his chin which had not gone away on its own after months
  • During the video Mr Fieldhouse and his mother can be heard laughing
  • Pus from the spot squirts out of his face and splatters the bathroom mirror 

Most teenagers can relate to the struggle of getting rid of spots but one man’s frustration drove him to extreme lengths.  

A gruesome video shows the moment 18-year-old Jacob Fieldhouse burst a huge cyst on his chin, splattering the bathroom mirror with pus.

The two-minute clip of Mr Fieldhouse, from Caldicot in South Wales, shows him using a drawing pin to pierce the spot before squeezing it with his fingers.

Filmed by his mother, Kate Kronenbach, 46, the video shows the huge spot explode not once but three times, squirting the liquid inside onto the bathroom cabinet.

The pair giggle throughout the video and Mr Fieldhouse jokes it is ‘the best moment of my life’.

Ms Kronenbach said her son took matters into his own hands after spending months visiting doctors who said the cyst would disappear by itself.

Jacob Fieldhouse, 18, took matters into his own hands when a cyst on his face would not go away despite repeated visits to doctors over several months

After piercing the spot with a pin Mr Fieldhouse shouts: ‘Yes, oh my god. This is the best moment of my life,’ and begins to squeeze pus out of his chin

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Mr Fieldhouse, from Caldicot, 14 miles east of Newport, had been trying to get rid of the cyst for months but it kept coming back.

His mother Ms Kronenbach, a carer, said: ‘Jacob was really fed up of having that on his face,’ and added doctors had not helped him with the growth.

Took matters into his own hands after no help from doctors 

So he decided the get rid of the huge pimple at home.

The grisly video shows him using a drawing pin to puncture the skin on the spot in order to squeeze out the surprising amount of pus inside.

As he presses the spot between his fingers the cyst bursts, firing pus from his face onto the mirror in front of him. 

The cyst bursts three times as Mr Fieldhouse squeezes it, squirting pus from his chin onto the bathroom mirror

Mr Fieldhouse’s mother, Kate Kronenbach, filmed her son’s gruesome activity and can be heard laughing and gasping behind the camera as a shocking amount of fluid comes out of his face

He and his mother laugh in disbelief, and Ms Kronenbach makes a retching sound off camera.

‘This is the best moment of my life’ 

When the pin first pulls out a lump of pus Mr Fieldhouse shouts: ‘Yes, oh my god. This is the best moment of my life.’

His mother can be heard behind the camera saying she will have to wash the mirror afterwards.

Cysts are common, usually harmless lumps of fluid beneath the skin, and usually go away on their own.

Both Mr Fieldhouse and his mother, Ms Kronenbach, 46,  appear to be surprised by how much pus has squirted out of the cyst, and the mother, filming, says she will have to clean the mirror

Towards the end of the video Mr Fieldhouse’s spot looks drained and he is smiling after seeming to enjoy the grotesque experience

Unlike boils or abcesses they are not usually a sign of infection, but do have a white or yellow appearance because they are filled with pus.

NHS does not recommend popping cysts at home 

The NHS recommends people don’t try to pop them at home in case the cyst is infected, because the infection could spread. 

The video ends with Mr Fieldhouse showing the deflated spot to the camera and going on to squeeze it again.


Online spot-popping sensation Dr Pimple Popper has taken her stomach-churning videos to a new level in her new TV show. 

Sandra Lee, a dermatologist in California, removed a huge lump of fat from the neck of a woman who had been suffering with the growth for three years.

Dr Pimple Popper told Melissa she had a large lipoma on her shoulder

The squishy swelling on the woman’s right shoulder had to be removed with surgery because it would not stop growing.

Melissa, 30, from Sioux Falls in South Dakota, had been wearing hoodies all the time to cover up the massive lump, but could not cope with it any more. 

The growth turned out to be a lipoma – a non-cancerous fatty lump which grows underneath the skin.

Dr Pimple Popper then removed the lipoma by slicing open Melissa’s skin with a scalpel and pulling out the fat with her hands.

Melissa had her shoulder numbed with local anaesthetic but was kept awake and laid still for the procedure.

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