Teen with alopecia shows what it's like dating her in hilarious Tik-Tok video

Teenager Hayden Montross might have lived with alopecia for most of her life but she sees the funny side of it.

The autoimmune condition – where the body attacks hair follicles, triggering hair loss – first began for Hayden when she was five.

Now the 17-year-old from Georgia, U.S, is left without any body hair. But she isn’t letting it get her down.

She’s been creating clips of her life as a bald teenager on video-sharing platform TikTok.

Her videos, which show what it’s like to date a girl with alopecia, have racked up to three million views.

Among some of the perks of being in a couple with her is free food (courtesy of do-gooders who feel bad about her condition).

Other times people mistake her for losing hair due to cancer treatment and give her freebies.

Hayden also jokes that she takes an exceptionally short time getting ready as she doesn’t have to do her hair.

Naturally, the hilarious clips have tickled many a TikTok user.

In one of the clips, Hayden brushes her bald head, saying: ‘I don’t take as long to get ready – no body hair’.

In fact, the teenager had to go out and purchase a hairbrush just for the skit as she doesn’t normally own one.

Another part of the short clip, she reveals ‘hair won’t get caught in your face when we cuddle’.

The high-school student has delighted other TikTok users with her candid humour, amassing 141,000 fans

While entertaining her fans, Hayden also informs them about her condition which has affected her since she was a toddler.

In a Youtube-style video, Hayden lists all the insensitive questions directed at her which include: ‘Do you have cancer?’, ‘Are you a boy or a girl?’, and ‘Can I touch your head?’

And Hayden’s been commended for her efforts within the TikTok community too.

Commenting on the videos, one person wrote:

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