Peloton Instructor Robin Arzón Responds to Criticism for Working Out While Pregnant

Robin Arzón is an ultramarathoner, a trainer and the head instructor at Peloton — so it should come as no surprise that the mom-to-be is continuing to exercise throughout her first pregnancy. Yet the fitness expert often gets critical comments on Instagram, where followers question whether she should be working out while pregnant.

Arzón, who is also the vice president of fitness programming at Peloton, told Today that she’s perplexed by the negative comments.

“It’s usually about how I shouldn’t be working out so hard,” Arzón, 39, said. “Any time I receive something like that, it lights a fire in me to stand in my power and to show the strength of a pregnant body. I didn’t relinquish being an athlete when I became pregnant.”

The former lawyer said that she’s sticking to her usual schedule of six workouts a week, two hours at a time, as she heads towards her third trimester.

“Vigorous exercise is actually beneficial for both mother and baby,” she said. “I was never going to kick back.”

Shortly after announcing her pregnancy in September, Arzón told PEOPLE that she wants to change the stigma around working out while pregnant.

"My entire mission in going through this for the first time myself is to focus on what I can do, rather than what I can't,” she said. "I feel like the conversation around pregnancy — especially an aspiring fit pregnancy — is, what are the modifications? What can I do, what can't I do? And I don't believe in starting from a place of lack and limitations," she says.

Arzón has since created Peloton's first prenatal workout classes, each one an effort to inspire women to be their best.

"My mission is to remind folks, women, that they are the most majestic, baddest creatures on this planet," she explains. "No matter what birth you're contemplating, no matter how you feel physically, focus on what you can do and let's create areas of opportunity for that power."

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