My day on a plate: Susie Elelman

Broadcaster and author, Susie Elelman, 63, shares her day on a plate.

Susie Elelman.

9am After an early power walk I enjoy a bowl of fresh seasonal fruit: berries, red dragon fruit and lychees with whole milk, low-sugar yoghurt and homemade LSA (three parts linseed, two parts sunflower seeds and one part almonds).

1pm A business lunch meeting at a cafe with very few healthy choices. I have feta, avocado and tomato on linseed and quinoa toast, and a chai latte with skim milk.

7pm I entertain a friend at home. An entrée of hummus with sticks of carrot, daikon, snap peas and Lebanese cucumber is followed by fish curry with brown and wild rice and a rocket and fennel salad. We finish with watermelon wedges.

Dr Jo McMillan says:

Top marks for… Fitting exercise into your day and following a wholefood diet that includes fruit, vegies, nuts, seeds, wholegrains, fish and dairy foods, helping you to meet calcium needs.

If you keep eating like this you'll… Continue to keep the weight off – and it will only get easier over time. Research shows that the risk of regaining lost weight is highest in the first year and then reduces as your body adapts, as long as you maintain good habits.

Why don't you try… A few more vegies at lunch would have perfected this day, but sometimes you have to make the best choice available. Just ensure that you vary your foods across the week to include cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, legumes for plant protein and soluble fibre, and perhaps a little lean red meat for an iron boost.

Susie Elelman's latest book, Still Half My Size (New Holland), is out now.

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