Laters, Hip Dips: Here's The Newest Movement To Take Over Instagram

Move over mermaid thighs and sayonara #screwthescales; there’s a new body positive movement in town. And the Internet officially can’t get enough.

Meet: Chidera Eggerue, the 23-year-old blogger and social media sensation who is single-handedly championing the #SaggyBoobsMatter campaign. 

Her mission? To inspire women everywhere to embrace their perfectly imperfect pairs.

“We are judged for the way our bodies look, we often feel okay if we’re not good enough then that’s it then, we’ll be forever alone,” she explained in a recent Instagram post. 

“I’ve seen people that are like 60, 70 years-old getting married. You telling me they’ve got perky boobs? No they’re not getting married because they’ve got perky boobs. They’re getting married because that person sees value in them as a person. That person feels like they’re a happier person when they’re around them.”

“I’m trying to push the important belief that your value extends beyond how you look and your value lies in your character,” she added. 

“Whether you have saggy boobs or perky boobs, what matters is the energy you bring in to the room, the value you contribute to the conversation and how you feel about yourself.” 

The London-based Instagrammer previously admitted she was extremely conscious of her figure throughout her teenage years. Now, she frequently shares snaps of herself sans bra to encourage self-love amongst her 57,000 followers.

“How to style saggy boobs: a tutorial,” she recently captioned one pic.

“Step 1 – wear the damn outfit. Step 2. Remember not to care.” 

The #SaggyBoobsMatter hashtag is already garnering serious traction, and Chidera constantly has women commending her for her work.   

“It’s been the most exciting to receive messages from breastfeeding mothers expressing and celebrating how happy they feel to have found this hashtag because they’ve felt so much shame in their bodies even though they’re taking part in the beautifully natural process of feeding their newborn babies,” she recently told INSIDER.

“My biggest goal is to simply normalise nature. Not all natural boobs are saggy. Not all older women have saggy boobs. Boobs are just boobs.”


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