How Jess Hart Stays In Shape And Still Eats Burgers

Jessica Hart chatted to WH about keeping in runway shape – while eating all the burgers.


I turned 30 recently and everything’s changed. At 20 you don’t worry about much, everything bounces back a lot quicker. Back then I wouldn’t have thought twice about things like what I’m eating. But as you get wiser, you become more in tune with your body and it just feels better when you nourish it. I’m more loving towards myself now.

I don’t limit myself to any one workout…

I think it’s important to switch up your routine as your muscles get used to doing the same workouts. I work out as much as I can, especially when I have time off. I love pilates, I do spin classes, I have a personal trainer and I do yoga. My trainer [at Crunch Gym in NYC] gets me to do circuit training – burpees, lunges, sit-ups, and we use the TRX.

Growing up my favourite meal was fried food…

My mum always fed us healthy, organic food; we were never allowed white bread – it always had to be grainy, and I think at the beginning I rebelled against that and wanted all the things I wasn’t allowed to have. But it’s not long before you realise how unhealthy food makes you feel gross. I’m very much about balance today. Don’t get me wrong, I still love pizzas and burgers and I eat them, I don’t hold back, it’s just about balancing it.


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