Christian Louboutin Turned His Red-Bottom Shoes Into a Fragrance Line

Do you have a habit of getting lost in daydreams about what your perfect life would be like? I do. In my fantasy land, I'm living in an old castle in the Scottish countryside, being served endless whiskey cocktails on a silver platter by my boyfriend, Chris Evans, who doesn't mind that I've spent his entire net worth on designer boots — but anyway. This month, Christian Louboutin wants to help my and your wildest fantasies become reality by launching his first-ever collection of fragrances, Loubiworld.

As Louboutin himself tells Allure, a fragrance launch has been on his to-do list for quite some time, but it wasn't enough to create one signature scent — he created seven. The collection has been in development for around two years, and it's no wonder it took that long, considering each scent's fully developed theme and ludicrously detailed packaging. "The most important thing for me was to take the time to make Loubiworld a really complete collection [and] reflect on the fragrances themselves, the design of the bottle, and caps."

Here's the full Loubiworld lineup and a brief rundown of each fragrance's most prominent notes:

  • Loubicroc: myrrh, cypriol (herbaceous, similar to papyrus), sandalwood

  • Loubifunk: rose, blackcurrant, patchouli

  • Loubiraj: suede, cedar, pink pepper

  • Loubikiss: jasmine, tuberose, musk

  • Loubidoo: strawberry, rose, cedar

  • Loubirouge: cardamom, iris, vanilla

  • Loubicrown: cedar, patchouli, tonka bean (spicy, similar to almond)

From left to right: Loubicroc, Loubifunk, Loubiraj, Loubikiss, Loubidoo, Loubirouge, Loubicrown

Each scent is inspired by a different culture, experience, or personality that has "left an imprint" on Louboutin's mind. "These seven fragrances are based on dream worlds, erasing the frontier between reality and imagination," he elaborates. "They are truly a collection in that they are each unique, yet no one fragrance stands out more than the others."

Louboutin can't pick a personal favorite out of the seven because, as he explains, they all represent "different olfactory families, beginning with the lightest — Loubifunk, a floral rose, and Loubidoo, a floral fruity — and evolving into the most intense – Loubicrown, a woody oriental, and Loubicroc, a spicy oriental fragrance.”

In doing this, Louboutin has created an ideal "dream world" for everyone. If you're a chic Parisian with lots of style and class in your fantasy, you'd probably want to opt for Loubirouge, which Louboutin thinks is a "true incarnation" of red-bottom wearers. People who'd rather spend their time in places like old libraries and dive bars (like me) will feel a pull from the darker, smokier scents like Loubiraj. If you dream of running off to party your nights away, a vibrant and fruity scent like Loubifunk can match your high energy. 

In other words, each Loubiworld fragrance can transport you to a different fantasy world where everything goes your way. And given the current state of the word, having some of your fantasies brought to life sounds like a necessity — even if only in fragrance format. 

The Christian Louboutin Loubiworld fragrances, $300 each, are available now from

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