Australian Women Are Insecure About Their Abs

In a global first, every edition of Women’s Health joined forces to ask the question: how do women really feel about their bodies? The global naked survey results were real, refreshing and totally honest.

One of the most revealing findings? In bikini-loving Australia, our midsections give us the most grief. Abs was ranked lowest for the body part you want to show off most (in 12 of the other 13 countries, too), and it was ranked first for the part you think needs most exercise attention (‘all of the above’ came a close second).

Yep, just 4% of Australian women voted for their stomach as the body part they wanted to show off the most, but 36% said their tummy needed some attention.

Behind the battle: the unwavering appeal of flat abs. Big and small boobs have gone in and out of fashion – same goes for the booty – but a flat stomach is consistently seen as the holy grail.

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Psychologist Melanie Schilling advises changing your focus. “Decide on something you do like about your body, then focus on and highlight it. Love your hands? Get a manicure. Lips? Choose a bold colour. This is about changing your mindset to suit your body, not the other way round.” Now that’s something we can get on board with!

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