15 Christmas present ideas for fitness fanatics

Give the gift of fitness with this selection of activewear, gym kit, training books and fuelling food. 

We’ve done away with Halloween, skipped over Bonfire Night (thanks lockdown) and the supermarkets have started stocking up on mince pies. It can only mean one thing: Christmas shopping season is here

If you love the act of gift-giving, it’s your time to thrive. But while we all want to give the perfect personal present, it can be hard to find something that combines your friends favourite hobbies with a cute twist (just how exactly do you get something pretty for a Marvel fanatic, exactly?). 

But fitness-related gifting shouldn’t be hard. Whether your friend or family member is into running, the gym, home HIIT, cycling or dancing, there’s something special out there to get them that they’ll use again and again. Be it practical recovery kit that they never think to buy themselves, a high-quality refresh on essential workout gear or more indulgent items to support their training, you can find something here. 

Fill their stockings with these fitness-related Christmas presents. 

  • Fabletics Fair Isle Leggings

    Fabletics Christmas leggings

    Novelty that’s not naff? We’re here for it, particularly when it comes in the form of seamless, high-performance activewear that they’ll wear for workouts and movie marathons. 

    Fabletics Fair Isle Leggings, £79


  • Shreddy Azure Resistance Band

    Shreddy resistance band

    Resistance bands are the perfect addition to gym bags and home workout circuits alike, so get them one that lasts. This rubber and cotton variety will get them through the year.

    Shreddy Azure Resistance Band, £14 


  • Train Happy: An Intuitive Exercise Plan For Every Body by Tally Rye

    Train Happy by Tally Rye

    Whether they’re big into training or just looking to get started, this book is essential reading for everyone to learn how exercise can work for them. 

    Train Happy by Tally Rye, £14.99


  • Mango Wireless Earphone Chain

    Mango wireless earphone cord

    Practical gifts can be pretty, as this Mango earphone chain proves. They’ll thank you during box jumps and burpees when their motivating music stays pumping.  

    Mango Wireless Earphone Chain, £17.99


  • MyProtein Protein Snack Box

    MyProtein snack box

    Give the gift of snacks while also showing some support for their training with these mixed protein bars. After all, what is Christmas without a selection box? 

    MyProtein Snack Selects, £25.60


  • Cassall Bamboo Foam Roller

    Cassall foam roller

    You may not be able to gift them a spa voucher right now, but this multi-textured foam roller gets deep into the nooks and crannies of tight tissue. Who needs a massage anyway? 

    Cassall Bamboo Foam Roller, £50


  • M Life Drawstring Yoga Pants

    M Life yoga pants

    Nothing says great gifting like these supersoft yoga pants that can be worn for downward dog, winter runs and post-Christmas day feast. Made from 

    M Life Drawstring Yoga Pants, £48


  • Westlab Mulled Wine Epsom Salts

    Westlab mulled wine epsom salts

    These salts combine festive pampering with essential recovery, spiking traditional magnesium salts that help muscles relax with cinnamon and clove scents. 

    Westlab Mulled Wine Bath Salts, £6


  • Doctor’s Kitchen 3-2-1 by Dr Rupy Aujla

    Doctor’s Kitchen 3-2-1 by Dr Rupy Aujla

    If their new year’s resolution is to make sure their diet is full of enough plants to support their training, this book is the gift to get. Every recipe contains three portions of fruit and vegetables, serves two people and are all made in one pan.

    Doctor’s Kitchen 3-2-1 by Dr Rupy AujlA, £13.19


  • Nike Crew Sweatshirt

    Nike sweatshirt

    No activewear wardrobe is complete without a bundle of sweatshirts to keep cosy. This red twist on a Nike classic is our festive favourite. 

    Nike Crew Sweatshirt, £43.99


  • Sunday Rain Himalayan Salt Massage Ball

    Sunday Rain massage ball

    Make post-workout fancy with this massage ball made from Himalayan salt, encouraging stress relief and getting rid of knots. 

    Sunday Rain Himalayan Salt Massage Ball, £7


  • WAKEcup Self Cleaning Water Bottle

    WakeCup bottle

    Can you think of a better present than one that begins with the words ‘self-cleaning’? We didn’t think so. The UV light in this bottle kills germs and smells at the click of a button.

    WAKEcup Self Cleaning Water Bottle, £45


  • Gymshark Training Bandeau

    Gymshark bandeau bra

    They’re guaranteed to love this super-soft bra that will take them from workouts to nights out (whenever they happen again). 

    Gymshark Training Bandeau, £20


  • CGD Fit Is The Sh*T Planner

    CGD Fit Is The Sh*t planner

    Get fit and get organised have got to be up there with the most popular new year’s resolutions, so nail both with this dairy that helps you track training, plan meals and monitor progress. 

    Fit Is The Sh*T Planner, £24 


  • Apollo Original Skipping Rope

    Apollo skipping rope

    Top off the gifts with this retro skipping rope – perfect for home workouts and when they just can’t hack a run in the winter cold. 

    Apollo Original Skipping Rope, £3.60


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