Working Out With Alpacas Is Now A Thing

If you thought the Internet couldn’t come up with anything weirder than goat yoga, think again. It’s a new month and there’s a new bizarre fitness trend for us to say “ummmm” about: alpaca dance class.

313 Farms in the Canadian province of Manitoba has developed a series of classes that take place whilst the farm’s nine alpacas wander around. Participants are welcome to pat the farm animals mid-routine, but the 15-minute warm-down at the end includes time to feed, photograph and play with your new furry friends.

Founder Ann Patman developed the classes, which include “Paca Pilates”, “Camelid Cardio” and “Poppin’ Pacas”, to encourage local families to get outdoors and get moving together.  

“We wanted to get our small town going and come up with activities for young children,” Patman told Travel + Leisure. “The little kids have no fear, they just run right in.”

Of course, what we want to know is, are we going to get spat on if we Single Ladies it up too vigorously? Never fear: the alpacas are super friendly.

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“We have one in particular, his name is Benny, who likes to give kisses,” she said. “So he’ll walk right up to somebody and stick his face up and wait for you to bend down and touch noses with him.”

Excellent. Maybe alpaca kisses are what all of our fitness classes are lacking?

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