Women's Health Cover Star Kirsty Godso's Day On A Plate

Kirsty Godso is not your regular fitness instructor. And it’s not just because the Kiwi-born Nike Master Trainer spends her days running sessions at Nike’s private gym in their NYC headquarters, putting locals through gruelling HIIT sessions in the city’s coolest new space, Project by Equinox, and juggling projects such as being the global face of CliniqueFit. Kirsty doesn’t even call herself a PT.

“That’s never been the way I’ve described myself,” Kirsty says in her New York-peppered accent.

Instead, she says, you can call her a “PyroGirl”. Pyro-what, you ask? If you’re not one of her 129K Insta followers, here’s how Kirsty breaks it down.

“It’s now gotten so big, it’s turned into a movement,” Kirsty says. “When we talk about PyroGirls, we say, ‘Be the fire that burns inside-out!’ So if you have things that light you up, you’ve got to do something about it. You can’t sit around being complacent. You’ve got to blaze some trails!”

Feeling fired up? Good. Pick up this month’s mag for more of her no-BS fitness philosophy here. In the mean time, here’s her day on a plate. 


To keep me going in the morning, I make a protein shake at home before I fly out the door, which consists of:

✱ Whey protein isolate

✱ Frozen blueberries

✱ Lucuma powder

✱ Collagen powder

✱ Bee pollen

✱ Ice

✱ Water


My lunch consists of vegetables and protein – either eggs, chicken or ground turkey. Preferably I’ll make my lunch, but if I can’t get home, I have some favourite spots around the city.

My go-to meal is:

✱ Rocket


✱ Chicken

✱ Heirloom tomatoes

✱ Beetroot

✱ Chilli


I love to wind down at the end of the day by cooking my own dinner. I’m pretty routine with my eating and interchange between ground turkey, salmon or chicken for my protein, then pair it with an array of vegetables, such as:

✱ Grilled broccoli

✱ Rocket and kale

✱ Avocado

✱ Asparagus

✱ Heirloom tomatoes

✱ Activated pumpkin seeds

✱ Butternut pumpkin if I feel like something a bit more filling

Read our full chat with Kirsty and more in this month’s Women’s Health, on sale Thursday April 5.

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