These Instagram Photos Prove Beyonce Is Still Hot As Ever After Babies

Who cares if someone bit Beyonce? The queen of all things fabulous is looking better than ever, making history at Coachella being the first black woman to headline the trendy festival, and reuniting with Destiny’s Child on stage.

Beyond her historical performance, did anyone notice how— well hot Beyonce looks despite giving birth to twins a year ago? And while we mere mortals may never reach Beyonce status, page 8 shows how we can keep on trying. Slay Queen B, slay.

1. Beyonce faced a big delivery in June

Beyonce’s C-section put her out of commission for roughly six weeks. | Beyonce via Instagram

Beyonce delivered her twins via C-section, which is common for moms delivering more than one baby, People reports. However, a surgical birth means more time on the sidelines before you can start working out so Beyonce had to take it easy for about six weeks post-birth.

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2. This jaw-dropping photo shows Bey wasn’t messing around

We can’t believe how fast her body bounced back. | Beyonce via Instagram

Seriously? Two months post-delivery and she looked like this? Beyonce just got started on her fitness routine and she’s already bounced back after carrying twins.

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3. 4 months post-delivery and Sasha Fierce looks, well, fierce

We can’t imagine ever bouncing back from a C-section this fast. | Beyonce via Instagram

The minute Beyonce got the green light to hit it hard, boy did she ever. She likely started losing baby weight immediately by just watching what she ate, E News reports.

Bey also turned to this popular workout to shed weight. “She did SoulCycle several times a week as soon as she got clearance after her C-section,” a source told E News. “She also worked out with a trainer at home doing cardio, intervals and weights.”

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4. Beyonce is smart about food

She keeps her diet super clean to lose the baby weight. | Beyonce via Instagram

She’s extremely educated about nutrition and knows how to fuel her body with healthy food. One source told E News Beyonce eats a “mostly-vegan diet.”

Queen B also benefits from something that most of us can’t afford. “All of her meals and diet were overseen by a private chef on staff who travels with them and prepares everything specifically for her,” the source told E News. She also knows a little wine, every now and then, can’t hurt.

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5. This may be one reason why she enjoyed working out so much

Jay-Z and Beyonce both enjoy working out together. | Beyonce via Instagram

In less than five months, Beyonce looked like this. One reason she got in shape so quickly may be because she had her favorite workout partner by her side: husband Jay-Z.

Jay-Z joined his wife at Soul Cycle as the couple supported each other to get fit, according to Men’s Health. Plus, pal Kelly Rowland also dropped in for a class or two.

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6. Beyonce did this to get ready for Coachella

Beyonce goes vegan with this meal before Coachella. | Beyonce via Instagram

Originally, Beyonce was supposed to headline Coachella last year, but her pregnancy kept her on the sidelines. Not this year.

To get into tip-top shape, Beyonce kicked up her vegan diet and turned to the 22 Days Nutrition site for nutrient-packed recipes, according to W.

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7. She spent hours doing this

If you danced this much, you’d be ripped too. | Beyonce via Instagram

Not surprising, one source told People, “She is 100 percent focused on her Coachella performance,” and “Is rehearsing for hours every day. She wants to look her best and for the show to be spectacular.” Beyonce had two performances during the festival.

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8. This proves we can all find our inner Beyonce

We could all take a lesson from Briyonce here. | Briyonce via Twitter

As Queen B killed it on stage with backup dancers and endless guest stars, this amazing young woman proves we can all tap into our inner queen.

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