The Workout Behind Jennifer Aniston’s Impeccably Toned Arms

If you’ve ever stared at the gloriously toned legs and arms of Jennifer Aniston with envy, you’re in luck, because her beloved trainer Danielle Lagree of Lagree Fitness Studio stopped by the InStyle US office to share the workout secrets to attaining that bod.

Because it takes more than just Smart Water and a love of Mexican food to look like Ms. Aniston… Obviously.

The best part about Lagree’s advice is that you don’t need to set foot in a gym! She sticks to routines that can be completed at home with a few trusty tools of the trade. First up, Danielle gave a quick tutorial of her arms workout for Jen, which you can watch below.

Seems the key to Jen’s arms is the casual resistance band! Who knew?

As for the legs, Lagree revealed there are two moves she favours when training Jen, and you can watch that tutorial on the US site here.

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This article originally appeared on InStyle.

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