Tamra Judge Just Posted Tons Of Bikini Pics After Being Called 'Old And Geriatric' On 'RHOC'

  • Tamra Judge, 52, just posted a bunch of bikini pics in response to getting called “old” and “geriatric” on Real Housewives of Orange County.
  • The reality sta’s abs and butt looked super toned in a yellow crochet bikini.
  • Tamra’s followers came out in full support of her bikini pictures.

Getting older is a good thing but, for whatever reason, some people like to use it as an insult. Unfortunately, Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Judge recently got trashed for her age (which is 52, btw), but she had the best comeback in the form of toned bod bikini pics.

ICYMI: On a recent episode of RHOC, fellow housewives Emily Simpson and Kelly Dodd went after Tamra and called her “old” and “geriatric” (because, RHOC). Naturally, Tamra wasn’t down with that, so she just shared a ton of bikini snaps on Instagram and totally called them out.

“Cheers to being ‘old & geriatric,’” she captioned the pics, before tagging things like #52 #grandma #4kids #fitmom #havebothmyhips #fitoldlady #hardworkpaysoff💪 and #vegetarian. (Tamra recently took meat out of her diet and “feels amazing.”)

In the photo series, Tamra looks ridiculously fit in a yellow crochet bikini, from the side, front, back, and side again. Her abs are insane, her butt looks fantastic, and her arms are all lean muscle. (If this is what “old and geriatric” looks like, sign me up.)


Oh! And the last pic is everything. It’s a meme that features an older woman with the message, “I may be an old b*tch, but you’re a f*cking douchebag.”

Tamra’s followers had a total field day in the comments. “Those 2 shouldn’t ever comment on your age and looks. They could never dream of having your bod,” one person wrote. “Kelly and Emily will be there one day and they won’t even come close to looking as good as you,” another said.

Neither Emily nor Kelly have yet to respond publicly to Tamra’s post, so RHOC fans will just have to wait and see if this kerfuffle comes up at the reunion.

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