Surveys show that On these type of man women are

Career-oriented or family – oriented- what is the type of man most women find attractive? And which of the two comes to a long-term partnership in question?

The wanted to find out Belgian researchers from the fields of psychology and work and organization in a study.

What type of man women find attractive?

In the context of the study, the researchers performed three different written interviews with young women.

The first survey was sent to 87 students, and should demonstrate, which takes care of as an attractive is classified.

In addition, the women were asked about their Wishes and expectations to a potential Partner.

In the second survey, the sample was participating on 224 part women of different age classes to extend, while the last survey was aimed at women in a partnership.

The evaluation showed that the young students (survey 1) family-related, emotional man as more attractive feel than a career – and work-oriented man.

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The result is consistent with those of the surveys two and three: A sociable and family-oriented man is rather the expectations of a potential Partner for a long term relationship.

Another finding of the study (survey three): women are more likely to live in a happy partnership, if the man is putting his focus more on his family than on career.

New distribution of roles in relationships

The latter is, as a family-oriented man is expected to live, a good father, and an important support in the family.

Nevertheless, the results are amazing, were career-oriented men, but for a long time as the ideal Partner for marriage.

Nowadays, more and more women make a career. Therefore, you will probably want a Partner who places a lot of value on family and children.


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