PSA: You Can Now Get Paid To Workout

Looking for some extra motivation to get in shape? This is officially it. 

Behold: SweatCoin, the latest (and arguably greatest) fitness app on the market.  

The idea is simple – the app taps into your phone’s motion tracker to keep tabs on how much you’re moving throughout the day. Every time you workout or get your steps up, you’ll be paid in a digital currency (aka, sweat coins.) You can build your savings up over time and use it to purchase sweet fitness swag such as workout gear, training kits, wearable tech and group training classes. 

In short, the more exercise you do the more you’re rewarded. In fact, by doing just 10,0000 steps per day you’ll be able to score yourself a brand-new Fitbit Flex in just a couple of months.

“[You can buy] goods, services and experiences ranging from anti-gravity yoga classes to high-tech shoes, to iPhones and Apple Watches,” the company write on their website.

“You can also donate your SweatCoins to some of our amazing partnering charities, making for an easy way to help others around the world.” 

The best part? 

You can also “mine” for sweat coin as you would other cryptocurrencies and set up a leaderboard amongst your friends to compete for who gets the most steps (or cash) on a daily basis.

But full disclosure: any “indoor” activity you do won’t count towards sweat coins. And to deter potential cheaters, the app typically counts far fewer steps than other fitness-tracking devices. 

That being said, SweatCoin has still been a major hit amongst wellness folk, and is currently sitting at the #1 spot on the iTunes App Store. 

Wanna try it for yourself? You can download SweatCoin here. (You’re welcome in advance, wallet.)

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