One Personal Trainer Wants You To Know That Having 'Tummy Squish' Is Ok

Keeping to a fitness regime is hard. Making sure you eat well, workout regularly and get enough sleep can be difficult, especially when life gets busy.

One personal trainer wants you to know that no matter what stage of fitness you’re at, it’s ok. Even though it’s her job to maintain her fitness and help others reach their goals, she still finds it difficult, and that’s ok too.

She took to Instagram to share an inspiring post about why ‘tummy squish’ is ok, no matter which stage you’re at. 

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“Hi Let’s talk about being human really quick,” she wrote. “Accepting yourself for who you are instead of what you ate is very important. I haven’t posted in a while because I’ve been busy, and that’s okay, during that time I ate pizza and drank a bit, and that’s okay too. I have a roll on my back when I move around and that’s still okay!!!

“I am HUMAN not a robot. Yes, I’m a personal trainer but I also love my body for what it’s accomplished, NOT what it looks like. I think you should too far too often we get sucked up into social media and what we think we should look like. Even me, I post pictures that flatter my figure and can give the wrong idea to everyone. So here’s me, post binge and all. I don’t spend my days squatting and eating kale, it’s similar but involves a lot more peanut butter than kale… moral of the story, we are all human, even personal trainers are human.”

She finished the post by reminding everyone why it’s ok to have a rest for a while, and it doesn’t matter what you look like. “Give yourself a break and stop comparing yourself to others because even I have tummy squish and back fat but I LOVE IT because it’s me and I know I work hard for my mind and body. okay rant over.”

We love this empowering message and want to see more of it on Instagram!

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