Looking for an Inexpensive Treadmill? This One Is More Than $1,500 Off at Walmart

When the temperature starts dropping, you know it’s time to start layering up for your run. But sometimes, the wintry conditions are just too rough to safely log miles outside—whether that’s ice on the ground or deep snow covering your usual running route. So if you’re looking for a treadmill for when you have to take your run indoors, the Famistar’s Portable Folding Electric Treadmill is more than $1,500 off at Walmart right now. (Go ahead, let that sink in for a moment.

Decked out with a powerful 3.25HP motor, this treadmill has 12 pre-set programs and can go up to 9.2 miles per hour. Need some extra motivation? There’s an auto incline setting and an AUX port for your phone so you can blast your favorite running playlist through the treadmill’s built-in speakers while sprinting uphill.

Don’t have an entire room to dedicate to your new favorite piece of equipment? This Famistar’s model folds up when idle to less than 30 square inches. While this treadmill normally costs $2,400, Walmart is currently selling it for $799. (If you do the math, it’s on sale for a third of the price. Wow.)

That said, Famistar’s Portable Folding Electric Treadmill hasn’t been tested by our staff, so we can’t vouch for any claims—good or bad. Reviewers rave about ease of setup, presets, and the folding functionality while others complain about lackluster speakers and the machine’s distance tracking is limited to kilometers.

If you’re a first-time treadmill owner or someone looking to clock a couple morning miles before the whole house wakes up, don’t pass up this sale. If you’re a high-mileage runner looking for a sturdy treadmill that you can train hard on, check out our tested reviews of these high-quality options.

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