Lady Gaga Casually Showed Off Her Toned Butt And Legs While Floating In A Jacuzzi

  • Lady Gaga just showed off her toned butt and legs in a new Instagram taken while lounging in her hot tub.
  • In the photo, she’s extending her leg while wearing fishnets and a neon thong atop an Elvis pool float.
  • Gaga stays fit by doing 35- minute strength training sessions five days a week and getting cardio during her performances.

It’s no secret that Lady Gaga does things a little differently than the rest of us mere mortals, and her latest Instagram post is no exception. In it, a semi-clothed Gaga is chilling on an Elvis pool float in a hot tub (as one does when one is Lady Gaga). She’s wearing a face mask, fishnets, a neon thong, and a pot-themed tee. Oh, and her toned butt and legs—with dance-ready pointed toes, natch–are on full display.

“Face Mask. Check. Fishnets and neon thong. Check. Sleeping in my jacuzzi. Check,” she wrote in the caption.

There’s so, so much to unpack here (is using a face mask in a pool a thing now? Does she normally sleep with her leg in the air? How the heck did she get in without getting her clothes wet?!), but it’s kind of hard to focus when the “Shallow” singer is looking like that.Her legs look super sculpted, and her butt looks totally amazing. Evidence:

Gaga didn’t end up looking like that by just floating in her Jacuzzi (if only that was her secret, right?). The A Star Is Born actress’ trainer Harley Pasternak told Us Weekly that she does 35-minute strength training sessions five days a week, and that she gets her cardio from performing.

Gaga doesn’t usually use a bunch of equipment when she does her strength training. Instead, she’ll do bicycle crunches, seated Russian Twists, reverse crunches, and dumbbell side bends. Gaga also does skater lunges (for that butt), overhead dumbbell triceps extensions (for those arms), and lateral dumbbell raises (for her shoulders).

As for her diet, Gaga is apparently really big on veggies. Her longtime friend and chef Bo O’Connor told The New Potato that Gaga’s favorite meals are “dishes with lots of vegetables and quinoa.” When she’s on tour, Gaga likes solid snacks like grain chips, tofu, turkey slices, hummus, and coconut water, her choreographer LaurieAnn Gibson told People.

Well, whatever she’s doing, it’s working.

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