Introducing One Of Australia's Hottest Trainers: Ben Seymour

Ben’s professional rugby background comes in handy when he’s working with clients at studio BeFit Training. 

“The way I trained to play was to fatigue myself physically and then still have to make decisions mentally around a game,” says the PT, who played rugby here, in NZ and in Europe.

“I motivate people throughout sessions- it’s about knowing you can always push that bit harder.”

Camaraderie is a massive part of Ben’s world (“the gym’s like a massive family”), so what’s his advice if you’re exercising with mates? Matching fitness levels isn’t a must. “I like training with different people, as it pushes my limits.” You heard the man- get that buddy workout booked in. 

Train like Ben

“Don’t be scared of weights- they’re not going to make you bulky.” 

“Fuel yourself right. “I find a lot of women under-eat for their energy needs- it’s amazing how many calories your body burns just by being alive.” 

Random Intrigue

Ben’s 2018 goal? An ultra event, such as military- inspired True Grit. “I had to pull out last year due to injury, so I’d love to give that another crack.”

Find out more about Ben on his Instagram @seemorebenny 

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