Introducing Australia's Hottest Trainers

Sure these personal trainers are easy on the eye, but they also bring a truckload of expertise, patience and professionalism for one reason: to help their clients get fitter. We grilled them for tips and put them through their paces at a beachside photoshoot. Ready for the results?



Ben’s moves to target your pins? Grab a Kettlebell for goblet squats, Romanian deadlifts and a few Kettlebell swings.


Target your back muscles with a set of Olympic rings, says Drew – try vertical planks, pull-ups and upward rows.


Push-ups, bicep curls with a bar and tricep dips are winners here, confirms Jazza.


Work your abs with Jānis’ faves – plank, dead bug and crunch with your legs raised.


Over to Michael! Boost your arse with jumping lunges, hip thrusts and squats (add a jump to make squats harder).


Burpees rule, says Matt. They fire up your metabolism! Also hit the squats and lunge jumps.


As a former British Royal Marine Commando, PT Michael’s approach isn’t what you’d expect. Forget drop-and-give-me-20s, this Brit is all about fitness being fun. “I like to get people outdoors in nature, [for] that balance of physical, mental and spiritual,” he says. “Being ex-military, I know how important the mental side of things is. If your brain’s not in the right place, your training definitely won’t be.” He’s a tradie as well as a trainer, but is keen to go full-time fitness in 2018. “I want to do more group training for outdoor events like Tough Mudder- [With my background] getting muddy’s all part of the fun!” Feeling tempted to get down and dirty? “For me, it’s all about the teamwork, so find a like-minded group and you’ll enjoy it.” @mike_webby_ 

Train like Michael

“Keep it simple- eat well, train smart and rest!” 

“Learn to move well and check in with a trainer before you start any kind of lifting. I had a back surgery so that’s why I push that advice so much.” 

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Michael has the cutest French bulldog, Alfie, Double-tap over at @alfie.the.frenchie. 


Meet Jānis, personal trainer and…firefighter! “It’s rewarding- there are times we have some really good outcomes. [But] you get to realise how quickly life can be cut short, [and] how tough the human mind can be but also how fragile the body can be,” says Jānis, who trains peeps at the gym Sweaty Soul Sydney, as well as working with corporates such as Microsoft. This respect for the body shines through in his ethos as a PT. “We don’t just want people to move often; we want them to move well first.” For Jānis, this includes constant study of how people tick, so he can offer the best training possible. The actual sweat sessions? “It could be strength and conditioning or a boxing and cardio session- it depends on the goal and where you’re at.” @janis_blums

Train like Jānis

“Do regular strength training to build muscle mass- we get leaner, stronger, fitter and feel better. Plus it boosts bone density.” 

Mind the wine. “Alcohol is really calorie dense. It’s also the first thing your body goes to burn energy…before [it burns] food or fat stores.” 

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Also on Jānis’ CV? AFL player and junior Aussie high jump champs. 


Ben’s professional rugby background comes in handy when he’s working with clients at studio BeFit Training. “The way I trained to play was to fatigue myself physically and then still have to make decisions mentally around a game,” says the PT, who played rugby here, in NZ and in Europe. “I motivate people throughout sessions- it’s about knowing you can always push that bit harder.” Camaraderie is a massive part of Ben’s world (“the gym’s like a massive family”), so what’s his advice if you’re exercising with mates? Matching fitness levels isn’t a must. “I like training with different people, as it pushes my limits.” You heard the man- get that buddy workout booked in. @seemorebenny 

Train like Ben

“Don’t be scared of weights- they’re not going to make you bulky.” 

“Fuel yourself right. “I find a lot of women under-eat for their energy needs- it’s amazing how many calories your body burns just by being alive.” 

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Ben’s 2018 goal? An ultra event, such as military- inspired True Grit. “I had to pull out last year due to injury, so I’d love to give that another crack.”


 A quote on the wall in Jazza’s gym Enliven Coaching reads ‘My destiny is to become the best version of me’- and that’s exactly the motto this trainer lives by. “I’ve grown up playing rugby, and sport is all about lifting each other to be the best you can be. I bring that to the gym, so everyone feels supported. We have fun and train hard.” Think: mash-ups of CrossFit-inspired moves and functional heavy lifting. Boom! His fave workouts for torching fat? HIIT with added weight training. And don’t forget nutrition- “Nourish- don’t punish- yourself,” says the dad of one, who’s also a Body Science ambassador. “Body love is important not only for your physical health but your mental healthy, too.”

Train like Jazza

“Women come to me with lower-back problems, so I’d say work on your core.” His fave move? The plank. 

“Find an active community of people, so you can motivate, help and train with each other.” 

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This guy can carry a tune- he once sang back-up for Joel Madden on The Voice. 


Matt’s gonna keep your sweat sessions varied and enjoyable, but one thing he isn’t down for? Excuses. “That’s a big one for me,” says the PT, who works out of boutique gym P.E. Dept. “If someone’s not feeling motivated, training with them can help, giving support and credit where credit’s due.” Other ways to keep our arses moving? “Set small goals. If you don’t have a goal, you’ll find it easier to roll over in bed and not go for that run or to the gym.” Matt’s own relationship with exercise started when he was a teen, and it eventually led to him becoming a pro.“I was obese, and I remember sitting on a chair and grabbing my stomach. I realised I didn’t want to live that way, so I put my joggers on and started running that day. Since then, fitness and health has been a centrepoint in my life.”

Train like Matt

Stick to full-body moves: “deadlifts, thrusters and burpees work more than one muscle group, so you get more bang for your buck.” 

His workout trend o watch? The use of weighted torsion bars. Get on ’em!


Not only is Drew an exercise physiologist- aka an expert in prescribing exercise and lifestyle modification (his focus is on helping people with chronic disease)- he’s also a diabetes educator. Why? He was diagnosed with type 1 five years ago, at 23. 

“I had this massive life-changing moment,” he says. “I had to learn how to safely exercise again, how to eat and manage my blood-sugar levels. Now patients trust I can resonate because I’ve got [their disease] myself.” And one of the Fitbit ambassador’s top sweat tips? Don’t underestimate the power of walking. “It [helps] stabilise your blood sugar after a meal, and if you do that, it changes the fate of the nutrients you’ve eaten. It helps you burn fat, but it’s also extremely good for your mood.” @drews.daily.dose

Train like Drew

“Learn how to use your body weight. You can do a full-body resistance workout in 20 mins or less, and get loads of benefits.” 

His must-have kit? Olympic rings- which he brought to our shoot! “I travel with them- they hang on everything so you have a gym wherever you are.” 

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