How Aussie Victoria's Secret Model Georgia Fowler Preps For The Show

Before you jump down our throats, yep, we know she’s technically a Kiwi too. But Georgia Fowler is ok with us claiming her as our own.

“I wouldn’t say you’re being that cheeky, I’m half Australian, dad’s from Sydney, my sister lives here and I come back to Australia most of the year to see family because my mum’s always here too, seeing my sister and her two little babies,” she said.

“I grew up for ten years in New Zealand but dad played golf for Australia, you know I pick the winning team basically.”

Since beginning her modelling career at 12, the now 25-year-old has gone on to grace the covers Vogue, Harper’s BAZAAR and Elle (to name only a few), front major fashion campaigns for the likes of H&M and Gap, and walk coveted runways for Balmain, Chanel and Victoria’s Secret.

The countdown is on for the 2017 Shanghai show on November 20, which will be her second appearance for the lingerie giant. But she says her prep doesn’t differ too dramatically from her day-to-day routine.

“I try to keep in shape year-round because I’m always doing swimwear but you definitely you want to step it up because you want to look your absolute best when you’re being seen by that many people on the runway,” she said.

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Georgia is based in New York – “that’s where I go back and re-pack (laughs)” – but returns to Sydney every month or so – “the coffee is definitely better here” – in between her international work.

“In New York I have an amazing trainer who does weight training in the gym with me and I love doing that kind of workout but then I’ll mix it up with reformer pilates, yoga, boxing classes, try and do something different all the time.”

“I generally travel with ankle weights and resistance bands so I can do little workouts in my hotel room. It’s always a bit embarrassing going through security when they’re pulling them out… ‘what is this’ (laughs).”

When it comes to eating, Georgia has the same consistent attitude.

“I try to keep it 80% fruit and veg, 10% fat, 10% protein I guess. I love, I say an avo a day (laughs), lots of nuts, lots of fish, and then just fruit and veg. I limit dairy and excess carbs basically. No processed food.”

And before she dons the lace, “I’ll try to limit alcohol and sugar, fruit and sugar in the final lead up, just to make sure I’m not bloating or anything like that. But yeah it’s about being healthy all year round really.”

Training doesn't stop on holiday ??

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And skincare? Less is definitely more for the hardworking model, who swears by sunblock and a good quality lip balm. 

“I’ve always found that my skin is better when I do less to it, I think because there’s so much going off and on all day when I’m at work so yeah the minute I try to strip or use toners or exfoliators it just breaks out more. I try to put on a natural face oil or thick moisturiser and just nourishment from within.”

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