Experts Say Doing This During Your Workout Will Add Years To Your Life

It’s no news flash that strength training is a super important component of any exercise routine, but Australian researchers have revealed just how big its benefits really are.

Their study examined the workout habits of over 80,000 adults, finding that those undertaking strength-based exercise had a 23 per cent reduction in risk of premature death by any means and a 31 per cent reduction in cancer-related death.

“The study shows exercise that promotes muscular strength may be just as important for health as aerobic activities like jogging or cycling,” Associate Professor Emmanuel Stamatakis said in a statement.

“And assuming our findings reflect cause and effect relationships, it may be even more vital when it comes to reducing risk of death from cancer.

The Australian Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviour Guidelines recommend that you do things to strengthen your muscles at least two days a week, but researchers say that less than 19 per cent of Australian adults achieve the advised amount. 

“Our message to date has just been to get moving but this study prompts a rethink about, when appropriate, expanding the kinds of exercise we are encouraging for long-term health and wellbeing.”

And you don’t need to hit the weight section at the gym to enjoy the benefits for your wellbeing.

“Many people are intimidated by gyms, the costs or the culture they promote, so it’s great to know that anyone can do classic exercises like triceps dips, sit-ups, push-ups or lunges in their own home or local park and potentially reap the same health benefits.”

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