Exactly How Kate Hudson Gets Her Rock-Hard Abs, According To Her Trainer

The Roll Down on the Cadillac:

“You can use this as an opening exercise,” Stuart says of the move Kate shares in her Instagram above. “This is really good for people with a stiff spine, but also if you’re just stiff in general. It warms up your spine, as you roll back, articulating one vertebra at a time, lengthening out and stretching your spine.”

How to Recreate the Move at Home:

“Lie flat on your back and roll up the same way: slowly one vertebra at a time, stretching forward and working from your stomach, not using your arms to throw your body up, then rolling back down the same way, slowly with control.”

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The Advanced Frog:

The Advanced Frog, Stuart shares, works “entirely your stomach, trunk, and glutes.” 

How to Recreate the Move at Home:

“I wouldn’t try this at home unless you’re super advanced,” Nicole warns, “But if you are, you can replicate this by going into the same position and do exactly what Kate’s doing [in the Instagram above] with your hands placed behind the small of your back to offer you support.” 

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Hanging Pull-ups:

“Right before this Kate did pull-ups, which work your arms and back and then the reward is hanging,” Stuart says. “She’s hanging here at the end of the session.”

How to Recreate the Move at Home:

“You can do a backbend over a big ball at home after doing [traditional] pushups on the floor.” 


This video depicts Kate effortlessly hanging off the front of a Gratz machine (a Pilates apparatus). “It’s good for decompression in the spine and hips and circulation and blood flow.”

How to Recreate the Move at Home:

“You can recreate this same move on a big round ball.”

And Don’t Forget Good Ol’ Cardio:

While Pilates helps lengthen and tone your body, don’t underestimate working up a good ol’ sweat. Stuart, who has a dance background, also fits in cardio with the Pretty Happy: The Healthy Way to Love Your Body author.

“I think cardio is really important, not necessarily running a long distance, but doing something that will get your heart rate up which is why we love dance,” Stuart says. “Kate and I grew up dancing and it’s a great way to burn it off.”

If you’re not in the mood to shake it off—or aren’t as coordinated as Stuart and Kate—have no fear. Stuart also suggests running, or taking a spin or Vinyasa flow yoga class. “You name it—we always try new things,” she says of her longtime client.

And If You Need Motivation? Download Nicole’s QE2 App:

“I always recommend my iPhone app QE2, sold on my website, iTunes or Google Play,” she says. “It’s a 10 to 15 minute workout with Pilates exercises, among other types.”

And with that, #WerkItOut! 

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