Emily Skye On Battling Depression And Building An Empire

When you chat to Emily Skye, it’s easy to forget she’s estimated to be worth $32 million. That Forbes named her one of the most influential fitness stars in the world. That she debuted on the Australian Financial Review Young Rich list in 2017. That she has her own make-up line, a collaboration with Reebok, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson on speed dial… More on that later. 

Despite her success, this Gold Coast trainer and entrepreneur is warm and real, both in person and on social media (13 million fans and counting), whether she’s opening up about food, mental health, her new program or her partner in life and biz Declan Redmond. One secret Skye did keep though? That she was six weeks pregnant in these photos, taken for our sister mag in the US.

“Declan and I only found out a few days before,” she tells us. “I was feeling a bit sick at the shoot, but I was so excited.” Fast forward and we’re catching up with Skye when she’s at the 38-week mark (and excited at “every little niggle”). She gave birth to Mia Elise Redmond 10 days later on Dec 18, 2017. Here, she gets frank about pregnancy, mentors and bringing your business idea to life.


I didn’t really do anything for the first three or four months because I was so sick. Then in the second trimester I was able to get some training in – two sessions a week, sometimes three. I adjusted my workouts, and my doctor approved everything. I did a bit on the bike, but it was mainly weights like squats and deadlifts, and some upper body work, kettlebell swings… Moving my body and trying to keep my posture as good as I could. I’ve had a back problem since I was born, and it’s flared up again because of pregnancy, so I didn’t really exercise in the last two months. I had to listen to my body, take it easy and rest.


I just think it’s so amazing what my body’s done. It blows me away that we can actually grow a person from nothing and support that life. That respect and love for my body now… it’s just amazing.

When I first had Mia I was obviously over the moon… but something I haven’t shared with you all is I suffered badly with the baby blues. I’d previously heard about the “baby blues” but I never understood it. I couldn’t ever imagine feeling down after having Mia. – Well it happened to me! A few days after having her I started feeling really depressed, I hadn’t slept in days and my hormones would have been all over the place when it hit me. Your body goes through SO much having a baby, and while most of the changes are physical and obvious, there are a lot of things that aren’t so obvious like your hormones and emotions. . I spent at least 10 days feeling really sad and I cried constantly for no reason! I couldn’t understand how I was so blessed and happy to have my precious Mia and yet I felt soooo miserable. . Luckily those feelings passed and I started feeling more normal. – My hormones were balancing, I managed to get some sleep and what really we helped me was moving my body – I started some light workouts (mainly walking – as I’ve previously posted about) and I felt so much better instantly. It’s amazing how good you feel after moving your body and getting the blood flowing. I already feel like a new person! The natural high you get is the best – I hadn’t had that in about 4 months and oh how I’d missed that feeling! . This is the main reason I choose the lifestyle I have – it makes me feel so good and no matter what I’m going through at the time I’m able to deal with it so much better when I’m exercising! That’s what made me want to create my FIT Programs so other people could feel great too. ☺️ If you have been putting off getting fit please just do it – you won’t regret It! It will honestly be one of the best things you’ll ever do for yourself (and your loved ones!) ? . Yes starting is hard, yes you’re going to feel uncomfortable, yes it’s going to take commitment and time and HELL YES it WILL be totally worth it! ??? . . ✨ Trial my new FIT Program for 7 days for FREE! – Link in my profile! ?? . . @emilyskyefitness @emilyskye_ig . .

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When I was a lot younger, I thought it was all about being skinny, so I did a lot of cardio and I wasn’t eating much. I thought to be lean you had to eat less, which couldn’t be further from the truth. Then I started lifting weights, and met my partner who I’ve been with now for eight years. We’d train together. I just loved the idea of being strong mentally and physically, and focusing on muscle. I loved the look of a strong woman; that’s what I wanted to be, strong and healthy. I felt on top of the world. That’s when I started doing [online] posts to educate people.


It’s the most important thing. I struggled pretty badly with depression for a long time and I tried to end my life when I was about 18… Now I think back to that and see it’s so important to talk about things, especially with young girls. A lot of people feel ashamed to have these feelings, but it’s actually a lot more common than we think. If we talked about it more, maybe we could help more people. I’m really passionate about it, and that’s why I’ve hired a psychologist to work on my program and be there for the girls.

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