Crush Leg Day Anytime, Anywhere in Less Than 20 Minutes

If you want to get your lower body into even better shape, it’s time to start training like an athlete.

That’s how celebrity trainer Jay Cardiello, whose clientele includes 50 Cent and Kevin Love, approaches his workout philosophy. This lower body routine, which you can perform in just 20 minutes without any equipment, will hone your speed, agility, quickness, and power, which are exactly the traits you’d want to dominate any playing field. Even if you’re only working out to get fit, the workout can help you perform and feel better, too.

Over the 8-week Anywhere Anytime bodyweight workout program, Cardiello will show you the exact circuits he has used to whip 50 Cent and Love into shape. Each week is focused on a different objective, and Week 2 is designed to give you a separate splits to train your whole body. You’ll work out four days per week, performing one circuit on Mondays and Thursdays and another on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Check out Week 1 here:

Week 1, Day 1

Week 1, Day 2

Week 2: Stretch, Strengthen, and Condition

Monday and Thursday

Perform each exercise continuously for 30 seconds, either by completing as many reps as possible (AMRAP) within the timeframe or holding for the entire period. Take as little time as possible between moves, then rest for 2 minutes after completing each round. Perform 3 rounds to finish the workout.

Tip: Aim to drive the knee up to the navel, while avoiding leaning forward to grab the knee. Doing this will decrease the amount of flexibility gained from the movement.

Tip: Aim to form a 90-degree angle with front knee, while driving through front heel. This will help to fully activate the hamstring.

Tip: Aim to keep the head and hands in line as your rotate. This will fully create optimal torso rotation, while increasing hip mobility.

Tip: Aim to keep the hips level at all times, while not leaning forward as you kick heel to glute. This will keep the body under control as progress throughout the movement.

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