49-year-old Deanne Panday who trained Salman Khan is super fit. This is her secret

Deanne Panday has been a fitness trainer to Salman Khan, Bipasha Basu, John Abraham, Dino Morea, Jacqueline Fernandez and many more Bollywood celebrities. When you go through her Instagram feed, you find it difficult to believe that she really is going to be turning 50 in December.

The author of two fitness related books (I’m Not Stressed, and Shut Up and Train, both published by Random House), Deanne has two children, her daughter Alanna and son Ahaan.

Deanne tells us how people harm themselves by becoming too obsessed with the gym, the broad spectrum of wellness and what she learned about the Bollywood celebrities she trained.

“Fitness is not only what nourishes me on my plate or what I do in the gym, it’s a very broad spectrum. I’ve been following this for 20 years and always been very ahead of my time to me what matters is what nourishes my life. I start my day with eating a really healthy breakfast after which there is yoga or a gym session and then I get to work. I also make sure that lunch is second heaviest meal of the day and comprises 5-6 items. Then I go back to work,” says Deanne when asked about what wellness means to her.

My dinner is really light. So for me fitness means overall health- for the body and mind and also includes spirituality and what I do and how I lead my life,” she adds.

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So what does your diet comprise?

I start my day with half a liter of water, its just a habit. Then I have a hot cup- it’s not tea, it’s made from 20-30 herbs mixed and I get it from Kerala. Then I have idli because it’s very good for the system. I have almonds and walnuts and some more fruits. On some other day it could oats with fruits, Greek yoghurt with some organic honey.

I also have a cup of Indian chai, but without milk. The liquids which go into my system are coconut water, green tea, and two nimbu paanis. I don’t have aerated drinks, might just sip on one once in a blue moon. I stopped having protein shakes 13 years ago and I don’t have processed powders. I have nothings from packets, even the masalas.

Lunch is very basic, basically home khana comprising sabji, salads, dal and a bowl of sweet potato, which in love. The carbs are red rice, black rice or quinoa.

What is your fitness mantra?

Spirituality for different people could mean different things- it could be praying or Tai Chi or something else. I personally have been doing yoga for 20 years. I started it off as a workout, but slowly you realize that it also calms you down and start dealing with issues in a better way.

I’ll be turning 50 in December but life is going smoothly because of this broad spectrum of wellness that I’m applying myself.

People in Mumbai and other places too are obsessed with the gym and they end up with health issues because their goal is all about the body, just about being thin. They end up neglecting other issues and have high BP, depression, diabetes and lots of other stuff.

You’ve trained Salman Khan, Bipasha Basu, John Abraham and so many others. What tips did you give them?

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Along with making them fitter and more disciplined I used to pass on a lot of knowledge. But I also got to learn a lot from them, and realized being an actor means travelling a lot in different time zones, having sleepless nights and working 24 hours non-stop and yet be in front of the press and media and all of that. So you really have to be very strong in the mind. They are all very strong individuals since if you have to be in the industry you have to very tough.

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First Published: Aug 22, 2018 09:00 IST

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