31 Things You Will Only Understand If You Are An F45 Addict

It’s one of the biggest fitness crazes in the world but what makes F45 different from the rest? Being a part of a one-of-a-kind (cult-like) community.

Here are the 31 things you’ll only understand if you’ve drunk the Kool Aid. 

1. You are proud, not ashamed of your calluses.

2. When you decide to go up in weight for a new move but realise you can’t sustain it for the next two rounds.

3. Your trainer somehow knows only to come over to look at your ergo split when your legs are jelly and your arms don’t want to go on any further, not when you were smashing that 2:00min just seconds ago.

4. A day in the office is not complete without chatting to at least seven of your colleagues obnoxiously loudly about how hard this morning’s session was.

5. The real workout begins when you complete the class and need to get to the door without high-5ing a single sweaty palm.

6. Hearing the intense EDM music often makes you feel like you’re back in your rave days but you secretly love it.

7. When you decide to lift heavier but your trainer doesn’t notice so you feel like it was all for nothing.

8. Your hairwashing schedule heavily relies on cardio days.

9. Heading out on a Friday night knowing that you can eat and drink everything in sight without feeling guilty.

10. Heading to Hollywood on a Saturday morning is just about as exciting as flying to LA.

11. You can only commit to weeknight activities that finish before 8 pm, so you can enough sleep.

12. You see your fellow F45-ers more than your own family.

13. You’d prefer to skip a dinner out with friends to afford a week’s worth of training.

14. If you wake up after a tough session and you aren’t sore you’re somewhat disappointed.

15. You tell your friends that you’re pretty good with directions after navigating through a whole session without heading to the wrong station.

16. On Mondays, you shudder and tear up at the thought of yet another set of burpees but by Friday you ain’t even surprised that they’ve decided to include them in not one but four different stations. 

17. You don’t feel any sympathy for anyone else complaining about their sore muscles because they couldn’t be nearly as sore as you.

18. Dry shampoo is not optional, it is essential.

19. It doesn’t matter how many resistance bands you use, chin ups are still horrible.

20. There’s nothing worse than directly following someone who forgot their towel.

21. When you listen to Taylor Swift’s iconic song 22, and everyone else thinks of their birthday but you shed a tear for your legs.

22. You find it hard to date anyone who doesn’t train at F45 because what else are you going to have to talk about.

23. There’s nothing worse than forgetting to wear one of your most supportive sports bra on a cardio day.

24. You find the sound of a protein shaker rattling at 3 pm therapeutic, not jarring.

25. Your breakdancing career is off to a flying start thanks to those dreaded shoot throughs. 

26. You find it hard to relate to people who stretch for longer than three minutes. 

27. No rejection hurts more than being put on the waitlist for your favourite class.

28. Forgetting a water bottle is pretty much a death sentence.

29. When you’re swiping right late at night but no one seems to compare to having Corey on your screen every morning.

30. You don’t count the year in months, you count it in F45 eight week challenges.

31. You judge people on the size of their box…jump.

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